The Defenses Being Offered So Far in the Matter of Alleged Abuse of Presidential Power

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Published : November 29th, 2019
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This is a fairly even handed and thorough review of the facts and defenses offered in the situation before the House.

I thought it might be of interest based on some things that various readers have asked me or commented upon so far.

The case for obstruction of justice is not dealt with here, and is particularly compelling as it so often proves to be. It's not the crime but the coverup and the perjury.

But in all seriousness, the major defense is going to be political. This is going to be the 'so what' defense.  When you don't have the law or the facts, just pound the table.  Just lie boldly, yell at people, attack them personally, and try to scare them into silence and submission.

So what if Trump did all these things. They are not impeachable, and the GOP in the Senate will not act upon any charges in a suitably judicial manner, because they can.

And they may do so as long as it appears that their base is buying it. If public opinion were to swing against him, the GOP establishment would be on their man like a pack of jackals, as I have stated before.  They are unbelievable hypocrites, being politicians.

What's the point? It is useful for you to know what you may be doing, and why you are doing it. Unfortunately in the end it is an assault on justice and the rule of law itself.

And so you can see what others are doing, and are thereby showing who and what they are, and what they are capable of doing and saying to further their own advantages.

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