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The Gig and Glitch Economy

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Published : February 15th, 2019
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Category : Crisis Watch

“Love is our true destiny... The point where you become free not to kill, not to exploit, not to destroy, not to compete, because you are no longer afraid of death or the devil or poverty or failure.  If you discover this nakedness, you’d better keep it private.  People don’t like it.

 We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone - we find it with another.”

Thomas Merton, Love and Living

Stocks were knocked for a loop today when the retail sales number for December came out to be the worst in the Great Recession. Administration spokesmodel Larry Kudlow dismissed it as a 'glitch.'

There are a lot of glitches out there in the official narrative, if you have not yet noticed.

Gold would not be denied, although it remains in the shorter term trading range. Pretty much the same for silver which seems to be tagging along.

Stock option expiration tomorrow.

It looks like the Senate has the votes to prevent another shutdown. Trumpolini is making orangutan noises about signing it, but seems to have little choice, except to declare a national emergency.

The trade talks with China seem to be stuck in a rocky patch.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Have a pleasant evening.

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