The gold of the Bundesbank - Receipt trick reloaded?

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Published : November 08th, 2012
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We bring to you an online translation of a German media outlet that is reporting to German readers what we've seen until now only in Bild and Der Spiegel. It's not so much as anything new, but does convey the utter disgust and anger which the German people (and other Europeans) are increasingly coming to the fore. The original German language site is at the bottom.

Good luck stumbling with the colloquial translations. Most continental Europeans are multilingual, unlike Americans who struggle with just English.

Could be soon when the Conspiracy-controlled media drum up the usual smears and scorns for European 'selfishness' and distrust of their greatest "ally" across the pond, no? It'd be the distracting strategy to deflect attention from the real crime - the Fed's theft of foreign custodial gold.

Give pause and ask yourself "Why is it that Great Britain was not more strongly coerced to join the Eurozone by their own one-world socialists?"

Das Gold der Bundesbank - Quittungstrick reloaded?

08th 11th 2012 | By: Sebastian Kunze

3395.5 tons of gold to Germany have so. That makes 2nd place behind the United States in the current gold ranking. Not bad, the reader may think. But what do we do with all the gold? Nix. Do not leave. Wait. Mildew yes. "Gar nothing" was the Federal Court recently a little bit. At least you could count the stock even once. Has been made that is NEVER AN.

WHAT? We have thousands of tons of gold and NO it controlled? Exactly!


Because you do not have to control the. Because it is stored only in men of honor. Because there are no suitable visitor spaces. Because we've got a receipt. Something like the Bundesbank has said. Who does not believe reading, itself:

All this would be so bad if the gold would be stored under the Chancellery. But it does not.

Only one third of gold (1,036 tonnes) held by the Bundesbank in Frankfurt. The rest is distributed funny in the world. 1,536 tonnes stored at the Fed in New York, 450 tons at the Bank of England in London and 374 tonnes at the Banque de France in Paris. During the discussion of the last few weeks, the Bundesbank said now to want to check the stocks and bring in the next three years to 150 tonnes of gold from New York to Germany. "This gives us the opportunity to review these bars to melt and in the form of" get good delivery standard ".

"So this will be a kind of random checks," said Bundesbank board Carl-Ludwig Thiele.

MELTDOWN? Why is that?

SAMPLE? If only our warehousemen are above reproach?

In this context, one should know the following story: China buys diligently for several years a gold. Among others by the FED. Since the Chinese the U.S. boys generally distrusted, he is not satisfied with an acknowledgment and 'nem Polaroid, but leads from the bars and stores them in America beyond the Great Wall. Some particularly suspicious Chinese came up with the idea to drill a couple of gold bars. Lo and behold - it's not all that glitters is gold.

Above all, the inside is not indoors. Given that there was no gold, but tungsten. Tungsten has up to the second decimal place of the same density, such as gold (19.3 g/cm3).

Therefore, the wily Chinese could only alone with weighing and measuring not find that tungsten is a gold bar. A significant difference between the gold and tungsten is the melting point. Gold starts at 1064 degrees Celsius to drip, tungsten at only 3422 degrees. Thus, if we Golfram one ingot in the furnace, at some point the gold is a liquid, but the tungsten to be laid. What the Bundesbank Thiele said again? Meltdown? Samples? Aha.

However, I believe that everything is much worse and the fraud even greater.

I do not think that store 1,500 tonnes of gold at the Fed, which we could easily pick up times or watch at least once. If we came up with the idea to pull all our gold from New York, then Mr. Nobel would certainly notice quite quickly that he can spare one or two aircraft carrier in the Strait of Hormuz and - helter-skelter - arrange the transfer to the Baltic Sea.


Not at all - I see in the gold story is a very clear parallels with the past.Is a bit longer ago, in the Middle Ages people paid even with real gold and silver coins. Some merchants had it that time already brought about a remarkable wealth and were tired at night drunk in the hallway to always stumble on the gold bags. So they could keep the gold safe - the goldsmith.

For every bag of gold, which the clerk einlagerte the goldsmith, he received a receipt. By the time it naturalized himself that one for a bigger business not specially picked up the gold market and bucked, but simply handed the receipt of the goldsmith. That was incredibly convenient. After some time now noted the goldsmith, that only about 10 percent of the deposited gold were picked up by the owners, because people paid even with receipts. Since brought the goldsmith from the big shock: They put out by and by considerably more than gold receipts in your safe deposit was and brought them into circulation. So they bought a couple of horses, carriages, and what lands. Else then took so with fake receipts and were incredibly rich with this scam It was actually the invention of paper money and the minimum reserve system.

Now again the FED. What if the Fed does the same thing? They sold gold from its holdings in Japan, Burkina Faso, Saudi Arabia undwasweißichnochwen and then says, "Let the stuff here with us. The bars are so heavy and so bulky and sometimes goes also a ship that - so we keep those things (nothing too precious!) For you and send you on 'ne receipt "I would say as a buyer". FORGET IT - the times beautifully polished bars and then into the stagecoach so. We adapt themselves to it. This takes what is, but we much prefer the 'ne acknowledgment from Uncle Ben. " And another thing: "We melt down every single ingot."
Now go for the gold in the Bundesbank. What will happen? I guess the odds of 50/50, that even a few bars to arrive with us. Furthermore, it is assumed that the 150 tonnes have been agreed with the Fed. All real gold they just seem to be able to dispense more. Which will then be real and tell the Bundesbank is: "Look - all right. Conspiracy absurdity. QED! "

Are you okay?

Not at all.

Then we would have taken only 10 percent of our gold to Germany. Funnily enough, exactly as identified by the scammers of the Middle Ages "reserve".

And for the nearly 1,400 tons of gold, which remain in New York, we get then again 'ne receipt ...

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