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Published : April 01st, 2021
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Many people have asked me about my thoughts on the present situation, from the standpoint of an investor. This is something I have some background in, since I did manage money professionally for over ten years, and had a pretty good track record during that time — much better, over a ten year period, than the average hedge fund. (I still manage a little today, for some friends.) Also, in the past, I did macro investment research for institutions.

With that in mind, I decided to offer an investing newsletter with a macro theme. It is written for individuals, but the pros might find something interesting as well. Soon, I will have a separate website set up at

Until then, here is the first issue, which is free. I start with some very big-picture themes, but we will get into details in time. Enjoy.

Click here to read Issue #1 of The Polaris Letter.

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Nathan Lewis was formerly the chief international economist of a firm that provided investment research for institutions. He now works for an asset management company based in New York. Lewis has written for the Financial Times, Asian Wall Street Journal, Japan Times, Pravda, and other publications. He has appeared on financial television in the United States, Japan, and the Middle East.
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