The Robot Dystopian Hellish Apocalypse: ‘It WILL Eventually Affect YOU!’

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Published : January 18th, 2018
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As human beings continue to make enormous strides in the artificial intelligence technology, many continue to sound the alarm that it’s already gone too far. Some are warning that this imminent robot dystopian apocalypse “will eventually affect you.” But by then, it might be too late.

Pulling no punches, Joe Joseph of The Daily Sheeple says that this kind of a future is already here, and the elites “solution” to this problem (universal basic income) will result in a societal collapse of a magnitude not seen before. “This dynamic is already happening here in the United States,” says Joseph. “And it will eventually affect you and your inner circle very personally.’

Dr. Subhash Kak, a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Oklahoma University, told Daily Star Online: “The beginnings of the dystopia are already there. There will be massive unemployment. People want to be useful and work provides meaning, and so the world will sink into despair. Policymakers have begun to speak of a minimum guaranteed income with everyone provided food, shelter, and a smartphone, and that will not address the heart of the problem.”

Artificial intelligence will eventually sink world into unemployed despair in hellish dystopia. Many warn of a global depression as humans realize they are useless and obsolete to the machines they themselves created.

“There’s a lot of people taking an ominous tone to this,” says Joseph. “And I too am, only because humanity does not have a great track record of rolling out new technology. We just don’t. We don’t. We rush to do it because money’s a driver. We don’t think thing through. We don’t weigh the risks involved. We don’t look at the health aspects of things. We don’t look at the important things until it’s too late. And in this case, it’s the point of no return.”

But Joseph does not believe that eventually, robots will enslave the human race, unlike Dr. Kak. Kak previously stated that killer conscious robots may “bide their time” before enslaving humans. “The current revolution is replacing the thinking human and so its impact on society will be enormous.”

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