The Unfolding 21st Century Gold Standard

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Published : February 10th, 2019
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We are seeing very defined signs of a shift away from the Federal Reserve Note as global trade settlement instrument. For those watching this picture should be reaching point of critical mass. The signs are all around and the bombs are being polished to maintain the status quo. The warmongers don’t really care who they bomb as long as it means they to retain their power. That is all that matters. The main instrument to insure power is the world reserve currency, Federal Reserve Note, U.S. dollar. This is changing and seems to be changing at a very rapid pace.

Gold, physical and digital, seems to be making its way back to the front of the line and grabbing the attention of those that have been hurt the most by the Federal Reserve Note – namely China, Russia, Iran and Turkey These nations are doing doing all they can to acquire as much physical gold as possible. Russia, and probably China as well, is developing a cryptocurrency and from all indications they are building a gold component into this cryptocurrency.

Max and Stacy discuss central banks on a gold buying spree and what that suggests is in our global monetary and trade policy future. The volume of gold buying has not been seen since 1967 when the world was, in fact, on a gold standard. Does this indicate we are, indeed, back on a quasi-gold standard if USD trade surplus is being converted into hard money, regardless of formal agreements to that effect?

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Russia’s Finance Ministry told the Izvestia newspaper it is considering complete abolition of value-added tax on gold purchases. This would give Russian savers an option of investing in gold rather than foreign currencies.

The ministry said earlier the measure could also help returning capital worth tens of billions of rubles to the country.

Gold bar buyers in Russia are currently obliged to pay 20 percent VAT. However, when selling ingots, the tax is not returned. As a result demand for gold investment in the country sits at just under 3 tons per year. Experts say that if the tax is dropped, demand could skyrocket to 50-100 tons. … Source – GATA

It doesn’t really matter to gold or any of these nations how they get away from the Federal Reserve Note, they just wan to make it happen. The real surprise may be Iran. With most everyone focused on China and Russia, Iran has been going about their business and moving gold into the system day in and day out.

As Cointelegraph recently reported, Iran is allegedly negotiating with Switzerland, South Africa, France, the United Kingdom, Russia, Austria, Germany and Bosnia to carry out financial transactions in cryptocurrency.

Iranians Protect Savings By Stacking Gold Bars in 2018

Recently, rumors spread that Iran could unveil its state-backed cryptocurrency at the Electronic Banking and Payment Systems conference that took place last week in Tehran, but the announcement has not been made as of press time. In July 2018, it was reported that the country confirmed that it will create its own state-issued cryptocurrency to circumvent United States sanctions. Source

The coming gold standard will not be the same as the old gold standard. It seems the nations in the Eastern world are moving slowly enough to ensure that all the “T”‘s are crossed and “I”‘s are dotted so that gold remains the backstop of trade – no gold, no trade. It’s not personal, it’s just business. These new pieces of the puzzle that have emerged over the past few months make it clear the days of Federal Reserve Note are numbered and the currencies time in the sun has run out. When the U.S. dollar “exits stage left” is anyone’s guess, but it appears there will be no fanfare just a slow, steady walking away until it no longer matters or has any influence what-so-ever on global trade.

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