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The Watermelon Summit

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Published : June 14th, 2012
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An "environmentalist" is a totalitarian socialist whose real objective is to revive socialism and economic central planning under the subterfuge of "saving the planet" from capitalism. He is "green" on the outside, but red on the inside, and is hence appropriately labeled a "watermelon."

A conservationist, by contrast, is someone who is actually interested in solving environmental and ecological problems and protecting wildlife and its habitat. He does not propose having government force a separation of man and nature by nationalizing land and other resources, confiscating private property, prohibiting the raising of certain types of animals, regulating human food intake, etc. He is not a socialist ideologue who is hell bent on destroying capitalism. He does not publicly wish that a "new virus" will come along and kill millions, as the founder of "Earth First" once did. More often than not, he seeks ways to use the institutions of capitalism to solve environmental problems. There is even a new name for such a person: enviropreneur. Or he may call himself a "free-market environmentalist" who understands how property rights, common law, and markets can solve many environmental problems, as indeed they have.

In light of the distinction between an environmentalist and a conservationist, "Watermelons of the World Unite!" should be the theme of the upcoming "Earth Summit" in Rio that begins on June 19. The meeting will be devoted to endless conniving about how to go about creating a centrally planned world economy (under the auspices of United Nations bureaucrats) in the name of the latest euphemism for socialist central planning, "sustainable development." This doesn’t mean that the Watermelons of the World will be successful; only that they are as numerous as flies on a herd of cattle, and will never give up on their pipe dream of a centrally planned, socialist world economy, no matter how much of a nightmare socialism has been for millions of people all around the world.

The watermelon strategy was announced and encouraged by one of the gray eminences of academic socialism, the late economist Robert Heilbroner, in a September 10, 1990 essay in The New Yorker entitled "After Communism." Written in the midst of the worldwide collapse of socialism, and the realization that socialist governments during the twentieth century had murdered more than 100 million of their own people as part of the "price" of establishing their "socialist paradise," Heilbroner’s essay was a huge mea culpa (See Death by Government by Rudolph Rummel). He even wrote the words, "Mises was right," about the inherent failures of socialism, referring to the writings of Ludwig von Mises in the 1920s and 1930s that explained in great detail why socialism could never work as an economic system (See his book, Socialism).

After admitting that he had been dead wrong for the previous half century during which he devoted his academic career to promoting socialism in America (the veiled purpose of his The Worldly Philosophers, that made him a millionaire), Heilbroner sadly bemoaned that "I am not very sanguine about the prospect that socialism will continue as an important form of economic organization . . ." While much of the rest of the world was wildly celebrating the demise of this diabolically evil institution, Heilbroner was crying in his soup over it.

Rather than facing the reality of the inherent evil of all forms of socialism, Heilbroner intoned that "the collapse of the planned economies has forced us to rethink the meaning of socialism." (Writing in The New Yorker, Heilbroner naturally assumed that all of "us" readers were socialist ideologues like himself). After all, he continued, "socialism is a general description of a society in which we would like our grandchildren to live." But "what, then, is left" of "the honorable title of socialism," asked Heilbroner.

The man was obviously depressed and dejected that history had proven his academic career to have been a complete fraud, but he was not about to admit that fact, or to give up on perpetrating the same fraud that he had perpetrated for at least the previous half century. A new subterfuge must be invented, he said, that will fool or lull the public into acquiescing in adopting socialism. This might take a while, he said, and if "we" are successful, "our great grandchildren or great-great grandchildren may be prepared to acquiesce in social arrangements that our children or grandchildren would not."

Heilbroner’s suggested subterfuge was explained by him as follows: "There is, however, another way of looking at . . . socialism. It is to conceive of it . . . as the society that must emerge if humanity is to cope with . . . the ecological burden that economic growth is placing on the environment." "We" socialists must all become watermelons, in other words. If enough members of the public can be hoodwinked with this subterfuge, then "capitalism must be monitored, regulated, and contained to such a degree that it would be difficult to call the final social order capitalism." That is exactly what will be discussed at the upcoming "Earth Summit" in Rio.

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Thomas DiLorenzo is professor of economics at Loyola College, Maryland, and a senior fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He is the author or co-author of ten books, on subjects such as antitrust, group-interest politics, and interventionism generally
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The environment involves everybody, so they can all comment and especially economists.

Wherever you look on this planet, those countries with the best economies have the best and cleanest environments.

Good article and it turns out that watermelons are my least favoured gourd.
Rate :   5  6Rating :   -1
An economist commenting on the environment is like a chimp commenting on nuclear theory. In Little Tommy's case, it's like a retarded chimp. You can poke holes in just about any part of his 'argument'. For example, I'll bet Lil' Tommy doesn't know about the "Forest Products Laboratory" at the Univ. of Wisconsin that was originally sponsored by (Oh No!) the federal government back in 1909. Prior to this example of 'socialism', the forest industry wasted upwards of 40% of each tree harvested. Thanks to research (paid for by the fed. gov't.) the wood and paper industry now wastes much less than 10%. Less wasteful use of a resource + increased profits for private industry = good for both industry and the people, (not to mention the environment).

But Lil' Tommy can't be bothered by actually learning about the subject matter. Is there a more disgraced 'profession' than economics? Lil' Tommy makes Krugman and Laffer look like geniuses.
Rate :   13  12Rating :   1
Hmm, sounds like the government was just looking to make more money when they invested in the "Forest Products Laboratory" back in 1909. Less waste means more being purchased by someone which means more taxation bucks. Sounds like a socialist being a capitalist. No different than any other enterprise looking for more ways to make more money.

But the real issue I have is with Mark calling someone else a “retarded monkey” simply because anyone who dares to write an article might not have read every book, encyclopedia, reference manual, received a PHD in 10 different disciplines, and been knighted. If you disagree, fine do so but stop being a jackass simply because not everyone has the omnipotence that only God possesses. And here’s an idea, offer an alternative rather than simply whining.
Rate :   14  11Rating :   3
DiLorenzo can't be bothered to read the facts. For this reason, he has less critical thought process than a deficient hominid.

It's entertaining that Hart would miss the entire point of Lil' Tommy's diatribe about environmentalism, that being '...the inherent evil of all forms of socialism...' when I was able to refute his entire blog post with a 10 second Google search. If posting factual statements constitute whining in the Hart household, I would hate to hang around during evening homework sessions. My the whining must be extraordinary during geometry.
Rate :   11  12Rating :   -1
Like I said, unless you put forward anything to refute the man don't whine. Have some guts, if you believe you know better put it out there and let the readers judge your abilities in the same fashion.

And where are these factual statements you speak of? You mentioned the forest products lab, that example can be argued either way so the "factual" statement has little if any validity and certainally doesnt qualify as a new idea so, yes, you were whining.
Rate :   15  11Rating :   4
Good grief you are dense. I demonstrated that Lil' Tommy is a LIAR. I don't put up with liars. If you are too dense to understand what I'm talking about, just stop. Otherwise, reread my post. I provided FACTUAL, not arguable evidence that a government program provided a benefit to the people, business and the environment. This is a direct refutation of Lil' Tommy's post. I just picked that topic at random because it is so easy to demonstrate.

If you are not willing to observe and concede facts, you are an ideologue. Stay in your bubble. Believe what you want. Just don't smear other people because they forced you to see the emperor (in this case Lil' Tommy) has no clothes.
Rate :   9  18Rating :   -9
I could easily turn that around and make the same statement about you, that your dense. You provided one item where the government did something with the forest products lab. This is factual only in so far as it happened. Who benefited from this is the arguable point. You take the stance that "the people" benefited all the while missing the point that what the government did was the same as any corporation would do when they pump money into R&D. The government DID profit from this, they were able to collect more taxes based on product that used to be refuse now being sold, jobs created which resulted in increased income tax, and on and on. If you can't see this FACT, that the government made money from the venture, then you’re just plain ignorant and should go back to concentrating on the daily funnies.

You have a real attitude issue, you look through a very narrow scope and any one that thinks in ways which don’t fit into your field of view are "dense" or "retarded chimps". Talk about smearing people! Really, you can't see that it's you who’s going out with a smear campaign, are you THAT DENSE? You personally attack all that don't fit your mold yet you won't provide a detailed explanation of your own thoughts. A Google search, wow that took some serious sweat and all you provided was the forest products lab, which again can be used either way. Are you so dense that you can't see that this can, and has been, argued both ways?

When's the last time you stepped outside, you need some fresh air and a brisk walk lest your attitude take over and you start posting I love Obama comments.

Whine and gripe that someone else’s articles are crap, that’s all you do, your incapable of free thought so you arm chair snipe and then go back to munching on your Doritos. There, how’s that feel, being personally attacked. Grow a set and stop being a jackass.
Rate :   18  11Rating :   7
"Grow a set and stop being a jackass"

Project much? I'm enjoying your salty tears of loserdom. Boo hoo hoo. Cry me another. I'm enjoying this.
Rate :   9  16Rating :   -7
Well, if that response isn't proof positive that you should have stayed in school beyond the third grade I can't imagine what would be.

Of course your enjoying this, your existence seems to hang on smearing and slandering others.

Grow a set and stop being a jackass, put your pearls of wisdom out there and allow us to comment. You won’t though, your only capable of arm chair sniping, you have nothing of value to say, do you?

Congratulations, you’ve won the distinction of being the biggest loser. Now run along and go back to trolling the pro-life and tea party sites.
Rate :   14  11Rating :   3
In the immortal words of Dean Wormer, '...fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son.'

I'm sure that someday before 10th grade, your class will cover, for example, the CCC in American History. You could skip ahead and use teh Google, but that might require some effort on your part to actually learn something. Do keep posting though. The entertainment factor is priceless.
Rate :   6  13Rating :   -7
Talk about projecting!

Why do so many of your comments include references to school? Are you some 13 year old wannabee troll or just one who stalks school children? Your complete lack of intelligence will keep you on the sidelines in intelligent conversations and as there is no hope of having a sensible discussion with you, and I want no part of you making yourself look like a larger jackass than you already have, I bid you good day. Undoubtedly you will require the last word like all imbeciles.

You really must be mad bro.
Rate :   12  8Rating :   4
'He is not a socialist ideologue hell-bent on destroying capitalism.'
No - he's a capitalist ideologue hell-bent on destroying socialism. And socialism - when the government does ANYTHING for the public good - is a bad thing. But the government only does things for public good or for its own power - either one is bad in the libertarian sense. Having an army defend the borders is socialism - it draws from the citizenry for a common societal purpose. The police are a socialist program - paid by citizens to protect the general citizenry. (and yes, I know they're becoming an elite tool of control.)

Everything any government does is socialism in some sense. Should we have no government? It's a serious question.
Rate :   7  1Rating :   6
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Talk about projecting! Why do so many of your comments include references to school? Are you some 13 year old wannabee troll or just one who stalks school children? Your complete lack of intelligence will keep you on the sidelines in intelligent conver  Read more
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