Then and Now – Part 1 – My Two Cents

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Published : August 01st, 2017
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Category : Opinions and Analysis

Dear Readers, We apologize for the extended absence. Travels, work, injuries, and all sorts of life circumstances have conspired to keep us relatively quiet for the past few weeks. Andy was able to finally break through yesterday, appearing on Liberty Talk Radio. We thank Joe and his staff for their patience in scheduling yesterday’s dialogue. The conversation was animated and we feel this was one of the best shows ever. Certainly among the top 5. Not because of the personalities, but because of the material discussed and its relevance to ALL Americans. There are many people who feel economics and such don’t have any meaning for them. They couldn’t be more mistaken. The topics covered yesterday affect all of us. We felt so strongly about it that today begins a series on these topics as an extension of yesterday’s show – Then and Now. We humbly present to you Part 1. We’re not sure how many parts there will be, but we hope you find all of them useful and informative. Feedback is always welcome.


Andy & Graham

Then and Now – Part 1 – PDF Format

Then and Now – Part 1 – Word Format

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Andrew W. Sutton, MBA received graduate honors in the field of Economics and is the Chief Market Strategist for Sutton & Associates, LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
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