Top Two Gold Refineries – 85% Capacity May 4

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Published : May 05th, 2020
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As of today the worlds top two gold refineries, both located on the Swiss border, just across the line from Italy. The refineries have been completely shut down for more than month began relighting the furnaces approximately 2 weeks ago when the LBMA and COMEX could no longer source the needed gold for contract settlement. We are not suggesting the two events are related, simply pointing out the timing of the two events.

As we previously reported – Global Gold Scheme Is Back Online, Along With The Gold Refineries We discussed some of the details regarding the COMEX / LBMA and the fact the Swiss refineries just happen to have been allowed to restart their operations on a limited basis. Convenient.

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Our guess is, like the meat processing plants in the U.S., lives are of no concern when uprisings need to be stamped down or crimes are in desperate need of cover.

Two of the world’s biggest gold refiners, Valcambi and Argor-Heraeus, said on Monday they were restoring close to full operations after Swiss authorities relaxed coronavirus lockdown measures.

The decisions end six weeks of partial or full closure that disrupted global gold supply and helped to drive prices in New York and London further apart than they have been in decades.

Valcambi, Argor and another refiner, PAMP, are near the Swiss border with Italy, which has suffered one of Europe’s worst coronavirus outbreaks.

Together they process about 1,500 tonnes of gold a year – equivalent to a third of global supply – and are the world’s most important refining centre, purifying mined material and reshaping metal moving between markets that use different bar sizes. Source

Once again this screams of “convenience” along with the rotting odor of desperation.

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