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Published : May 09th, 2016
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For years, it was easy to see the political storm clouds gather over Europe with its fractious coalitions and its ancient babble of conflicts. Marine Le Pen’s Daddy, severe old Jean-Marie, was on the scene in France decades before Donald Trump ascended to glory on the noxious clouds of America’s crapified culture, attended by heavenly hosts of Kardashian angels and the cherub Honey BooBoo.

For all the strains in recent American life, the two-party system had seemed as solid as the granite towers of the Brooklyn Bridge. Not even the estimable Teddy Roosevelt could blow up the system when he tried in 1912 — though his Progressive (“Bull Moose”) Party carried California, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota, and he far out-polled the incumbent Republican President Taft, who garnered a measly 8 electoral votes (Democrat Woodrow Wilson won). Ross Perot made an impact in 1992 — he certainly had a good point about NAFTA and “the giant sucking sound” of jobs draining out of the USA. But his popinjay manner didn’t go over so well, and at the critical moment in the general election he lost his nerve and withdrew, only to foolishly re-enter weeks later. Then there was the Ralph Nader in 2000, whose egoistic crusade arguably put George W. Bush in the White House.

Since then, the country see-sawed between the long tenures of two Deep State errand boys from each major party, putting both parties in such a bad odor that Trump now rises on their mephitic fumes. Which raises the question, of course: what exactly is this Deep State? Answer: A leviathan of symbiotic rackets producing maximum incompetence affecting adversely the majority of citizens. It’s a blood-sucking beast of a hundred-thousand heads draining the USA of its dwindling vitality, lying about its intentions while it advertises the pietistic certainties of the Left and superstitious shibboleths of the Right, leaving a smoking hole in the middle where the practical problems of everyday life used to be worked out by practical means.

The Deep State is also the sum of unintended consequences and diminishing returns of a late-stage, bureaucratic, techno-industrial economy cannibalizing itself to stay alive. One obvious conclusion is that this economy has got to change before there is nothing left to eat, and no political figure on the scene, including Trump and Bernie Sanders, has a plausible vision of where this takes us. Both really just assume that the engine keeps chugging down the track of ever more material wealth that can be distributed differently. The truth is, there will be a lot less material wealth of the kind we’re used to, and a lot less capital representation in the things we call “money.” In fact, the scene at hand today is just a spectacle of the shrewdest and biggest rodents scarfing up the table-scraps of a 200-year-long banquet.

Hillary Clinton, of course, is the Deep State incarnate, which is the real reason so few citizens trust her. Every poor schnook getting shaken down for a $90,000 appendectomy bill looks at Hillary and knows exactly what she represents. Every 25-year-old jobless, couch-surfing millennial carrying fifty-grand in college debt sees the face of the Deep State in her self-satisfied demi-smile. Mainly, she has gulled the diversity pimps — because they are wards of the Deep State — and women, because it’s Mommy’s “turn” to direct the Deep State. Writer, financier, and Deep State rogue operative Jim Rickards keeps insisting that Uncle Joe Biden will end up as the Democratic nominee. (He said so in a Tweet just the other day). You have to wonder what this guy knows. Don’t suppose that Uncle Joe is the knight on a white horse you’ve been waiting for. After all, he’s vice-president of the Deep State.

Voters seem attracted to Trump because he’s so eager to give the finger to the Deep State. It deserves the finger, but it also needs to be carefully disassembled without blowing up what remains of this country. Trump already has a good start on blowing up the Republican Party. Never before have so many party officials dissociated themselves from the (so far) presumptive nominee. I expect to see more extreme measures against Trump to be yet attempted by the party mandarins in the two months before the convention. I doubt you will hear about them before they happen.

In the face of that, Trump’s behavior only gets more childish. His speech after the Indiana primary was a masterpiece of incoherence. Everything that reflected on the magnificence of his victory was “incredible.” Interestingly, that was exactly the right word. He’s tuned in to the national nervous breakdown underway. From time to time, when he’s not speaking emptily about how much he is loved, Trump voices some legitimate concern of the Deep State’s victims. There are few decent jobs outside the Deep State’s own rackets. We’re not obliged to take in a limitless stream of immigrants. Nation-building by military means has been a dismal failure. The national debt is a problem. The country’s infrastructure is decrepit. Trump says he can negotiate a fix to all this: the art of the deal. Blowing smoke up the Deep State’s ass is not a plan.

The tragedy is that no other serious, grown-up figures stepped forward in this dangerous moment of history. The party that Trump purports to represent lost itself in wilderness of grift, jingoism, and supernatural pettifoggery. The rival Democratic Party is high on the fumes of “diversity and inclusion,” kindergarten politics that only corrode what’s left of our tattered common culture. Hillary’s Deep State couldn’t have found a better diversionary subterfuge. Both parties are close to blowing up altogether. I’m not convinced that they’ll survive their own conventionas this summer. Then what?


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James Howard Kunstler has worked as a reporter and feature writer for a number of newspapers, and finally as a staff writer for Rolling Stone Magazine. In 1975, he dropped out to write books on a full-time basis. His nonfiction book, "The Long Emergency," describes the changes that American society faces in the 21st century. Discerning an imminent future of protracted socioeconomic crisis, Kunstler foresees the progressive dilapidation of subdivisions and strip malls, the depopulation of the American Southwest, and, amid a world at war over oil, military invasions of the West Coast; when the convulsion subsides, Americans will live in smaller places and eat locally grown food.
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The real dysfunction and confusion factor under the surface is the Globalist Deep State's agenda to kill off, weaken and balkanize sovereign nations in order to finalize their global control.

On top of that agenda we have the masses poisoned with Vaccines, Fluoride, GMOs and Chemtrails that are weak, sick and can't think clearly and are desperate for a savior like Big Government.

For those who think this new agenda that normalizes effeminate males is strange, you should understand that our globalist controllers are preparing the way for a world of poisoned, unisex, diverse, generic, easily manipulated, global mutants poisoned by the sex-hormone altering effects of GMOs.

You see a major component of GMO's Roundup weed killer contains Glyphosate, that is an Endocrine Disrupter, that produces less males overall and less masculine males that could stand up to and rebel against our Globalist Parasitic Manipulators.

What seems like a bizarre bathroom controversy that has the media (MSM) in a frenzy to vilify North Carolina's traditional bathroom laws is really a freak-normalization operation introducing

the new neutered, global citizen that will give no one any trouble now that the GMO poisoned food was snuck into our food supply 20 years ago and the first wave of effeminate freaks should start appearing.

Just as the other bizarre campaign to make normal - inter-racial couples, all over the media, designed to balkanize and weaken the masses with divisiveness, this new campaign seeks to make normal a more docile, effeminate, less aggressive and rebellious and more easily manipulated global slave that survives the initial poisoning.

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its a shock we watch that mashes the pedal of history. a day at the beach dont mean nothin.
Brilliant ! James . . . I only had to use my on-line dictionary to define pietistic and shibboleths. I can see you're on the right track when you say " I expect to see more extreme measures against Trump to be yet attempted by the party mandarins in the two months before the convention."

The news out of DC this morning is: Obama formulated/made another Executive Order on Friday. This Executive Order changes "The Transition of Power" ~ which is a team devoted to informing the NEW President on EVERYTHING ~ at The End of the Obama Regime. I don't know the contents of the new E-O, but I suspect it's an order that mandates President Trump WILL NOT BE TOLD some very important information. I'm sure an improper & incomplete Transition of Power will cripple Trump's presidency. Of course, that's The Plan.

The way the stars are lining up for Trump (for those who STILL don't believe in The Hand of G*d nor miracles) all the Executive Orders in the world won't change a thing. I think the Elites are going into hiding ! !
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The real dysfunction and confusion factor under the surface is the Globalist Deep State's agenda to kill off, weaken and balkanize sovereign nations in order to finalize their global control. On top of that agenda we have the masses poisoned with Vac  Read more
sam_site - 5/11/2016 at 11:07 AM GMT
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