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Published : February 11th, 2014
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Category : Opinions and Analysis

Yellen takes the host seat – Reuters
What to Watch for in Yellen’s Testimony – WSJ
Wall Street rises ahead of Yellen’s testimony – xinhuanet
Gold At New 2014 High Ahead Of Yellen’s Testimony – Kitco
China’s 500-tonne gold gap fuels talk of stockpiling – FT($)
Treasury’s Little Buddy(.pdf) – International Economy
Bitcoin and Gold: Currency versus Money – Dollar Collapse
The broken limb & burst pipe fallacies – The Burning Platform
Obamacare: Raiding the Assets of the Low Income – Paul Craig Roberts
Dumb Starbucks: Authorities aren’t laughing – CNN/Money
The American Precariat – Brooks, NY Times
Death by Finance – Project Syndicate

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World stocks higher ahead of Yellen testimony – AP
Scary 1929 market chart gains traction – MarketWatch
Investors running from stocks like it’s 2011 again – CNBC
Top Anecdotal Signs of a Market Bubble – CFA Institute
Blankfein: Emerging Markets in Better State Than in ’98 – Bloomberg
The best way to buy stocks if you fear a market crash – Financial Post
Treasuries Fall Before Yellen Testimony, Note Auction – Bloomberg
Gold near 3-month high ahead of Yellen testimony – Reuters
Gold may already be heading for the next up cycle – Mineweb
Entire Precious Metals Complex At Major Resistance – GoldSilverWorlds
Gold Shares Coming to Life – Trader Dan

91 million Americans aren’t looking for jobs – CNN/Money
The Hidden Reason for January’s Dismal Jobs Report – Fiscal Times
Truth And Consequences for Krugman, And Keynes, And Obama – Forbes
OECD: Recovery firms in advanced economies, led by U.S., Japan – Reuters
ECB Bond Buying: The German Court’s Message To Berlin – Real Time Brussels
Europe or Democracy? What German Court Ruling Means for the Euro – Spiegel
Home building in Canada shifts into slower gear – Globe & Mail
Don’t bet on U.K. house price rises persisting – Tim Harford
When Will the Fed End Its Zero Rate Policy? – San Francisco Fed
Markets alert for any new policy signal from Yellen – MarketWatch
Fed’s Forward Guidance Is Working – WSJ

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