US Dollar Valued In Gold Since 1718

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From the Archives : Originally published October 24th, 2013
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Category : History of Gold

How many ounces of gold can $1000 buy?

The answer over time is instructive. Here is some knowledge about money.

It is remarkable how few economists really understand this, and what it means, what it implies. 

Here is Paul Krugman's opinion on the currency war and the US dollar in a recent piece called Godwin and the Greenback.    I think it speaks for itself.    And he is certainly not the worst economic voice out there, which is what makes this so disconcerting.   At least he is not an austerian, those who would crucify the public for the sins of the one percent.

Thanks to my friend Nick at for this.

Nick impishly added in a note that the US defaulted on its gold obligation in 1933 and 1971, a 38 year gap.  And it has been 42 years, so we might be due again.  

I am not a great believer in cycles.  But I am a confirmed believer in what Thomas Mann called the stupidity of cleverness as being among the worst. 

We seem to have a surfeit of clever ones eager to play fast and loose with the nation's currency these days as a means of pushing off genuine reform, and delaying the reckoning between the people and the banks, and the powerful few that control them.


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