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US Mint 2019 Silver Eagles Currently Sold-Out

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Published : February 23rd, 2019
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United States Mint announced late Thursday, Feb. 21 that due to market conditions they were unable to meet demand from Authorized Purchasers. This will create a spike in premiums on American Silver Eagles (ASE) for a short period. We see this shortage ending within the next 2-3 weeks or as soon as the Mint replenishes the planchets used to create the ASE’s.

“Market fluctuations have resulted in a temporary sellout of 2018 and 2019 silver bullion. Production at the Mint’s West Point facility continues and when sales resume, silver bullion will be offered under allocation,” United States Mint spokesman Michael White said in an email statement. “The Mint is working closely with its suppliers in order to meet the demand of its authorized purchasers.”

With the US Mint selling 2,057,500 so far in February on top of selling 4,017,500 in January this number was higher than in 2018. With the Mint creating projections using previous years numbers they were caught off guard with the upswing in sales. We firmly believe the Mint will be back online long before the Authorized Purchasers run short of supply, especially with the Mint continuing to produce product while they get back to full capacity.

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