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Vote for Silver!

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Published : August 01st, 2012
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Many investors are waiting to make decisions after the election. Investors can afford to wait. But the financial status of the USA is not likely to really change, and monetary inflation will continue.

“Money is the most important subject intellectual persons can investigate and reflect upon. It is so important that our present civilization may collapse unless it is widely understood and its defects remedied very soon.”
--Robert H. Hemphill, former credit manager, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

The defects are not in "money", it's in the currency! There are no defects in silver and gold. The defects lie within the abominations issued by the Federal Reserve, those electronic banking notes that are an unjust weight and measure of theft, backed by nothing but slips of dirty and smelly paper money.

Buying silver is a political action. It is a veto. It unilaterally stops the Government from being able to steal from you through inflation and money printing from excess spending.

The political veto of buying silver carries a weight over 1000 times stronger and more powerful than voting.

The reasons are simple.

Buying silver is a vote of no confidence in the actions of government that prints paper money. But who is actually voting that way? Almost nobody. Almost everybody is upset with Congress, as 90% of people have "no confidence" in federal politicians, but 99.9% of people still trust the money, and almost nobody is taking action to buy silver!

Less than 1 person (or dollar) in 1000 is buying silver per year. If even 1/1000th of the paper money in existence were buying silver, that would be $18 billion (out of 18 trillion). But annual investment demand for silver is only about $3 billion per year. That indicates that only 1 out of 5000 dollars is buying silver per year.

So if even 1 person in 1000 bought silver, the silver price could be well over $150/oz. by next month, and yet silver prices sit at around $28/oz. today. If such a change happened, the dollar would lose 80% of it's value as measured by silver, and the Federal government's power to confiscate wealth from the people through printing press paper money would correspondingly drop by that much, too. Or the dollar could lose more if more people were inspired to buy silver!

People complain that the government debauches the currency by giving handouts to immigrants. I get emails on this topic nearly daily. But they don't do anything about it by buying silver!

People complain that the government debauches the currently by giving handouts to the bankers. But they don't do anything about it by buying silver!

Moralists complain about the "Biblical abomination" of homosexual marriage. But they neglect the abomination of paper money that harms everyone. Hey, even homosexuals can buy silver, and they don't need a government permit to do so!

Moralists preach about the harm of gambling. But they continue to hold paper money instead of preaching about silver, and buying silver. The people of the USA lose from $7-10 billion in Las Vegas each year, which is 2-3 times as much as the entire world invests into silver! If they just bought silver instead of going to Vegas, everyone would double or gain ten times as much on their money! People of the future won't believe the numbers I'm writing about today! They will wonder if everyone in our era was really that blind and why didn't people "back then" know that silver is money?!

These days, many people will ask me and others to endorse or vote for the lessor of two evils. Don't bother.

Exodus 23:2 Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil --

Proverbs 25:26 Like a muddied spring or a polluted well are the righteous who give way to the wicked.

The real choice is not between Obama vs. Romney. (Yes, we might even get a chance to vote Ron Paul, and if not, then Gary Johnson, but that's not the point.)

The real choice has been here all along, and does not come along once every 4 years, but is available every day.

It's SILVER! The people today are simply not making use of their political power to buy silver!

Libertarians usually get 1% of the vote. If 1% of money in the banks bought silver, the price of silver would soar past $500/oz., due to the following math: $180 billion / 300 million oz. of silver available = $600/oz.

Libertarians are usually more wealthy than most, so if all Libertarians bought silver, you could expect silver to go higher than $600/oz.!

Most people who vote, also usually want to be associated with a winner. Silver is winning. It's gone up from $5/oz. to $50/oz. in the last ten years, and is now on a price dip around $28/oz. It's a guaranteed winner, and must continue to go up, and nothing can stop it, as the silver market is just way too small, and government spending is just way too high.

Vote for silver today by calling up and ordering silver from the JH MINT.

I strongly advise you to take possession of real gold and silver, at anywhere near today's prices, while you still can. The fundamentals indicate rising prices for decades to come, and a major price spike can happen at any time.

JH MINT & Coin Shop
13241 Grass Valley Ave
Grass Valley, CA 95945
(530) 273-8175 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting GRATUIT (530) 273-8175 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Minimum telephone order $5000 for free shipping, USA shipping only.
Open 10AM to 5PM Pacific Time, Monday to Friday, closed weekends and bank holidays. (Also Closed from Dec. 25th to Jan 1st)
Kerri handles internet phone orders:
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NEW Location in Auburn, CA!
JH MINT Silver & Gold
1760 Highway 49 A140
Auburn, CA 95603
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You can also buy silver from my mom at
Mom will ship overseas, even large orders up to $300,000 or larger, and also in lots of more or less than 100 ounces.

3510 Auburn Blvd #12
Sacramento, CA 95821




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Jason Hommel of has written over 100 articles on why people should buy gold, and especially silver bullion and silver stocks. His free silver stock report covers more companies than any other. Jason received a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. An adept biblical scholar, he has also written 100's of articles on theology. Aged 34, he lives in Penn Valley, CA. In response to requests for stock tips, Jason, while not giving out investment advice, offers a "look at his portfolio", which shows his top investments by rank, updated monthly.
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The decadence of the financial world... A view on botipulation at work.
Rate :   0  4Rating :   -4
When I was a kid, I could take a quarter (which was made of 90% SILVER back then) ~ buy a gallon of gasoline ~ and mow six yards in my neighborhood with my gas mower. TODAY: I can take one of my OLD quarters (90 % SILVER) down to a jewelry store, sell it for almost FIVE dollars, buy a gallon of gas, mow six yards in my neighborhood with my gas mower, and still have a dollar left over on the sale of the quarter. PROVING: Gasoline is still a quarter ~ if you have a REAL quarter (real money) to buy it. My vote is for the silver.
Rate :   19  0Rating :   19
Hi...when I was a kid my mother would get rid of me by giving me 2 Shillings ( some were 92.5% Ag) and go to the movies. Sit newsreel,cartoons, 3 stooges and 2 movies for 1 and threepence and buy 9 Penneth of lollies that would last a week.

A kilo of those in junk today at a guess is $800.

My vote is for silver as well.
Rate :   15  2Rating :   13
How far below $50 is it advisable to buy silver " anywhere at or near today's prices" so I can purchase more votes according to Jason Hommel (God Botherer extraordinaire)
Rate :   5  4Rating :   1
Although I am loathe to speak ill of any contributor to this site, I will make an exception with Mr. Hommel.

An exception based not on any fallacy in reasoning, or recommendation for action, but on hypocrisy. The reasons for purchasing silver and gold are well advised given the current economic descent that worsens by the day.

I object to Mr. Hommel's use of Bibilical quotes to make his case. He profits by buying low and selling high - perfectly fine. But please, please do not quote the Bible or New Testament when doing so.

For in Luke 11:39 we read: "Then the Lord said to him, 'Now then, you Pharisees clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside you are full of greed and wickedness.'" And that is but one of dozens warning against greed that you'll find in the Scriptures.

Since Silver dropped today, it's a good time to buy a tube or two. And I've no reason to belive purchases through Mr. Hommel would be a problem -- if you don't mind the amens and holy water.
Rate :   11  36Rating :   -25
You state "Although I am loathe to speak ill of any contributor to this site, I will make an exception with Mr. Hommel." and rebuke him for suggesting people purchase silver while using Bible passages to help spread his message but outright lie in the process with seemingly no remorse?

You have continually spoken ill of many contributors on this site. Check your own record of comments and you'll see what I mean. You smear JHK and Willie at any and every opportunity.

What Mr. Hommel writes is on the mark for today’s world, the fact that he can tie his opinions to scripture only lends more worth to his arguments. Your comment on, Luke 11:39, implies that Mr. Hommel is being greedy. Where's your justification for this?

If you want or need a cause that includes Biblical references then go after the FED to remove "In God We Trust" from the toilet paper they produce. If ever there was a contradiction it would be that, not what Mr. Hommel has to say.

What you’ve done is far worse, you’ve judged Mr. Hommel. Tell me Jim, what does the Bible have to say about that?
Rate :   33  4Rating :   29
What is the meaning of the word "profit" for you ?
Somebody harming somebody ?
How to understand it according to your rules eventually ?
English not being my mother tongue.... Please consider.
Where else than Mr Hommel's would you buy your silver ?
Between you and me. You know anybody that gives better conditions ?
Rate :   0  6Rating :   -6
Has anyone been able to make any sense out of this? I realize that english may not be Wishdashers first language but GEEEEZ!

I don't know if I should give him an up arrow for supporting silver or a down arrow for speaking in tounges.
Rate :   11  4Rating :   7
I only communicate through mind games. Me myself has nothing to convey.
I used to know what I was doing until I started using the internet.
Google knows it all.
I simply represent the idiocy of what I have accumulated over the years.
Time to take distance of it all. Or they'll lock me up somewhere one day.
Nobody interested in knowing what $chmicles are ?
Available at a discount for 24 hours only. Buy now ! 50% off.
You'll have to pay with silver coins though.

Rate :   0  11Rating :   -11
Whether silver is at 150 or 500 Schmickles or even at 7345.07 Schmickles. It is never going to get the corn grow more fast or more nutritious. Unless you believe the devil "Monsanto" !
I'll keep on converting paper into silver though.
Magic no ?! To convert paper into silver. Not lead into gold. They tried that in the Middle-Ages.
Impossible !
You ain't seen nothing yet.
I have seen everything. Even converting debts into assets...x 1000. With a little exaggeration...
Rate :   0  7Rating :   -7
Can you vote if you borrow a silver dollar off your husband, put it in your pocket and show up at the booth?
Rate :   2  3Rating :   -1
Need to get tougher. Those criminal minds !
You lose your 1 oz silver coin if you dare voting ! You have to hand it over !
It's in investment in the promises of your preferred candidate.
Rate :   0  9Rating :   -9
NO ! You can't vote. There already has been too much borrowing that lead to nothing.
Rate :   0  9Rating :   -9
Vote WITH not for silver. In your pocket. No silver American Liberty or Eagle in the pocket , not entitled to vote. As simple as that. All problems solved. One man , one vote. Not that Wall Street keeps on buying the politicians with printed fiat money.
If one can not afford to pay for an oz of silver why would one be entitled to claim voting rights ?
"I claim a better world !"
Forget it ! Without silver in the pocket.
Rate :   0  8Rating :   -8
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Hi...when I was a kid my mother would get rid of me by giving me 2 Shillings ( some were 92.5% Ag) and go to the movies. Sit newsreel,cartoons, 3 stooges and 2 movies for 1 and threepence and buy 9 Penneth of lollies that would last a we  Read more
S W. - 8/2/2012 at 7:22 AM GMT
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