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Published : July 22nd, 2014
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I srael’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu summed it up the other day when he said, “We use our rockets to protect our women and children; they [Hamas] use their women and children to protect their rockets.”

Some time ago, the Left adopted the Palestinians as their pet oppressed minority group so there is nothing that Israel might do that will be okay with them, except to commit suicide, that is, cease to exist — which is the stated policy of Hamas. Every time Israel refuses the suggestion that it cease to exist, the Left becomes inflamed. They cannot imagine why Israel would prefer to fight for its existence than to roll over and die.

The Palestinian leadership doesn’t really want to talk about any resolution to the enduring crisis in which Israel is granted the right to exist. That doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for negotiation, and so they have literally painted themselves into a geographical corner of the region called the Gaza Strip where one of their other policies is to grow the Palestinian population in the hopes of eventually wiping Israel off the map by sheer demographic pressure. The political Right Wing of Israel is using exactly the same tactic in the contested West Bank. All of that is tragic, of course, because when the oil age comes to an end the entire region of the southern Levant will probably support one-twentieth of the population of all ethnic groups.

The New York Times reported that street protests against Israel had broken out in London and Paris, giving the impression that some broad national sentiment was being expressed when, in fact, the protesters were from the large Muslim communities that these nations had foolishly invited to immigrate there. Has anyone in the West still failed to notice the pugnacity of Islam in our time? Islam does not want to co-exist with the West anymore than the Palestinians want to grant Israel the right to exist.

Luckily for the West, there is enough animosity between the Islamic factions to distract Islam from its mission to defeat all the great-and-small Satans cluttering up their world. All this is happening as that world lurches into the twilight of the oil age, which until lately had given so much financial leverage to Islam. Really, the entire Middle East, including Israel, has overpopulated itself so severely that the only plausible outcome is the desperate fight over what’s left. A hundred and fifty years ago a mere half million people inhabited the place that is now Israel, and more than 90 percent of them were Arabic. Then came the great Industrial explosion of activity, migrations, and soaring birth rates thanks to fossil fuels. When that phase of history concludes, the population there will go down accordingly.

Over millennia, Israel or Palestine or the Levant (take your pick) has been under the dominion of rotating empires: Greece, Rome, Byzantium, the Egyptian Mameluks, the Turks, Great Britain. Who owns what has been an expression of a particular slice of time, and the current time is no different. As a geographical crossroads of trade and cultures, the region is one of the most fought-over places in the world and may continue to be as long as human beings are around. Hamas and the Palestinians in effect declared war on Israel by lobbing rockets out of Gaza and now Israel is answering. The Palestinians have got the war they asked for and they are trying to manipulate world opinion by mingling their war machine in the heart of their population center of Gaza City. Their choice.

The other hot zone in the world right now, Ukraine, got hotter the past week when somebody or some faction shot down a commercial Malaysian airliner. The question that no news organ has so far raised: why are any commercial airlines routing their planes over a war zone? Especially a war zone where other airplanes have been shot down recently. Just how dumb has the human race become?

And as sad as this incident may be, what business is it of the USA to get involved over a downed flight of a foreign airline that originated in the Netherlands and was carrying passengers overwhelmingly of Dutch nationality? Our presumption to involve ourselves in this is flat-out insane. It’s the kind of behavior that leads to world wars.


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James Howard Kunstler has worked as a reporter and feature writer for a number of newspapers, and finally as a staff writer for Rolling Stone Magazine. In 1975, he dropped out to write books on a full-time basis. His nonfiction book, "The Long Emergency," describes the changes that American society faces in the 21st century. Discerning an imminent future of protracted socioeconomic crisis, Kunstler foresees the progressive dilapidation of subdivisions and strip malls, the depopulation of the American Southwest, and, amid a world at war over oil, military invasions of the West Coast; when the convulsion subsides, Americans will live in smaller places and eat locally grown food.
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If you follow the money or who benefits most in the Ukraine, then Ukraine redirected the Malasia airliner into the kill zone to further villify Russia and the rebels. It's no secret the West wants to disrupt the flow of Gazprom gas through Ukraine that disrupts US hegemy in the EU. Economist Jim Willie describes how the CIA Langley boys and their Blackwater cohorts set up the so called riots to unseat the elected Ukraine President in order to install their current puppet. CIA snipers killed rioters and police to disguise their evil plot and now we have Biden's son moving in to profit from local Ukraine gas extraction.

This Russian gas disruption is a repeat of the disruption of the Iranian/Russian pipeline to run through Syria to also supply EU. Funny that if there were damning evidence against Russia and the rebels, why has the Ukraine Security services confiscated the airport tower recordings that would show who detoured the flight into the kill zone.

Americans may someday wake up and take their counrty back from the Jesuit/Rothschild banker cabal that captured America in 1913 with the Fed act. Until then we will have to live with and tolerate this comotose, manipulated and programmed population that displays a blind allegiance to the establishment under full control.
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Mr. Kunstler, I suppose you are jew. I don't understand why some kind of simpaty based on race or religion impels you and other jews around the world to protect and justify a government that is commiting crimes against humanity. It is outrageous. The simpaty for Israel has a new low around the world. The zionism is no different than the nazi ideology: racism and the violent supremacy of the people chosen by God. The american jews should ask to the Israel government to stop colonies, stop blocking gaza, and stop blocking the two-state solution. Right now, jews seem as radical and as violent as muslims.
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Well Jim, when you have a phony baloney never had a real job President, and as you say a walking haircut Sec'y of State and think the Federal Reserve should not be burned to the ground with all the Ivy League shitheads in it, you get this kind of world.
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I believe the President is a Christian who happily sends off drones to kill people guilty or not.
But then again he could be a Moslem doing the same thing but in the name of Allah.
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All orthodox Christians,Jews and Moslems, are, at the very least, fanatical brainwashed morons of the most dangerous kind.
Their stupidity knows no bounds.
I feel sorry for those poor innocent souls who are trapped by their nonsense and living wretched lives,young and old.

JUST DISAPPEAR the lot of you and world will be a much better place.

PS : When I was about 8 yrs old my parents sent me off to Sunday School. One Sunday i came back home and said to my father…that man there can't answer any of my questions and i am not going back again. Dad said " thats fine by me son".
My advice is..think for yourself.
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What an piece of shite! Once you have full and unfettered knowledge of the whole universe then come back and tell us there is no God. You don't know how many galaxies there are in this universe, you have no idea how many new species are left to be discovered in the oceans depths, you've never been off the planet and took two spins around the universe yet you believe you can say that there is no God. Until you can answer accurately without guess work these two simple questions and prove you have traveled the entire universe you're view is nothing more than an opinion and not worth anything more than the opinion of those who say there is a God.

"JUST DISAPPEAR the lot of you and world will be a much better place." What a narrow minded and dare I say blind minded comment. Take away the work that Christian missions do in third world countries and what have you got left? You have millions more suffering children! Will you step up and take on the challenge to help these children? No people like you only see the bad that has been done in the "NAME" of Christianity/religion and haven't got the guts to do what's right, you only sit on the side lines and snipe at others. Your not able to discern what has actually been done for and through God and what some fool has claimed was done in Gods name.

Stop playing God (you suck at it) and stop condemning others for their beliefs, it makes you look foolish and ultimately when you pass you'll finally find out if you were right or wrong, not a moment before.

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There is no God.
Rate :   4  11Rating :   -7
Got any proof, other than your opinion which seems to be based on some man not answering your questions when you were a child, that God does not exist? Please explain your unparalleled knowledge of the entire universe for only when you possess this knowledge can you make such a blatant statement, until then its an opinion. Your as much a problem as the "orthodox Christians,Jews and Moslems" you target. Your hatred based on ignorance is actually more lethal than their opinions. None of them is telling you to "JUST DISAPPEAR". You call them fanatical brainwashed morons. Looks like anyone with an opinion contrary to yours is a fanatical brainwashed moron and should be banished to... well God only knows where.
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Oh my God…can you imagine what it is like to check your inbox and read such a puerile and nonsensical diatribe you wrote Spokes.

Here I am, just sat down to a nice cup of tea after typical day at work where I spend my time helping people. In fact for the last 50 years its been pretty much the same,treating everything from minor scratches, broken limbs, intensive care, quadriplegics, strokes,cardiac problems etc etc.

As far as I can recall you are the first person that I would recommend directly to see a Psychiatrist. You need help.

BTW... Hate is not in my make up. Further, it is not for me to prove the non-existence of a god ,rather it is for you to prove the existence of a God
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Nonsensical is invoking the name of God “Oh my God…” when you don’t believe in him. Your confused it seems, in past posts you made claims that God is dead and here you state there is no God (which is it) so it is thereby up to you to prove your claim when challenged. Of course you would suggest I see a shrink, your down to the last few school yard tactics you seem to favor when at odds with someone.

Here you are, having a nice cup of tea looking at my response wondering what BS you can come up with as a rebuttal. On how you fill your days, as far as anyone here can tell you’re a janitor in a medical facility where you dream of being so much more. Like a security guard dreaming of making that big bust that will get him noticed by some police force. You lack observable mental skills to be anything more than that. I back that statement by having read through some of the hideous comments you’ve made in the past but let’s give you some credit, lets imagine that maybe you are a nurse practitioner or (gasp) a doctor. What have you done to help ease the suffering of those unfortunate enough to be born in a third world country? Where does your passion to be uncompensated and help the needy come from? What war torn countries have you visited for years at a time putting your own life on hold as you reach out to starving and diseased children?

So once again, it’s up to you to back up your statement that there is no God or God is dead (pick one and stay with it), this last one states that there was a God and if he is dead it contradicts your stating there is no God? And remember, until you have traveled the whole of the universe, seen every corner of it , and understand how everything within it works rather than taking a high level view through a telescope (and what should God look like so that you might recognize him?) its pure science ignorance to say there is no God. No matter how clever you might think yourself you do not possess the intelligence and experience to make such a statement. What your left with is an opinion and only a lousy excuse to back it up, a man in church couldn’t answer your questions. Case closed it appears.
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Dear Spokes
I can't recall writing God is dead. Maybe I did but it would have been as tongue in cheek as my OMG.
However my advice to you to seek medical assistance stands.
I do not care if you believe there is a God and you are perfectly entitled to, I just happen to think that it is highly delusional to do so.
Further you brought God into this thread so it is up to you give us the proof.
You cannot though can you Spokes?
And yet your whole belief system depends on there being a God.
You did not think for yourself when you were 8yrs did you Spokes?

PS And I might add that there is no heaven or hell either.
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I should seek medical assistance because I have an opinion that runs opposite of your? Good grief what would you say about people who eat any food you disapprove of? How would you handle someone who drives a different make of car? Some car people are every bit as fanatical as some religious people. Would you declare all of them idiots because of this? How can you come to this diagnosis based on knowing so little about an individual. If you are indeed charged with the care of others I fear for them.

"I do not care if you believe there is a God and you are perfectly entitled to, I just happen to think that it is highly delusional to do so." Do you make it a habit to contradict yourself in a single sentence? What is highly delusional is for anyone who claims to be involved in medicine and the treatment of others maladies, that would require scientific training to some degree which means you would understand how conclusions/facts are arrived at in science, to make a statement as fact that there is no God without a demonstration to back it up. Do people who believe in God need to prove it? No, it’s a freaking belief, something every individual is allowed to have and to have without fear of ridicule from people like you.

"All orthodox Christians,Jews and Moslems, are, at the very least, fanatical brainwashed morons of the most dangerous kind" No you brought God into this discussion, all three of those you attack believe in God and you’re animus for them is based on you’re hatred of God. Don't try to slough this off, you never mentioned Hindu's, those who believe in Confucianism, Buddhism, Shinto, or any of the other various religions in the world. The attack you made was focused on only those who are monotheists, believe there is but one God, and while it is an item for debate (the God of Islam is or is not the same God of Jews and Christians) they believe in the same God. You could have included those who believe in Sikhism, who are also monotheists but you didn’t as they believe in a different single god.

You cannot disprove there is a God can you? If you could you would have done so a long time ago to shut me up and put an end to this.

"And yet you’re whole belief system depends on there being a God." Please do tell how you know this? Have I stated that I believe in God or have I merely taken you to task for making statements aimed at harming and discrediting anyone who believes there is a God? I do hope you’re ability to arrive at the correct prognosis for your patients is better than you’re demonstration of deductive reasoning about what I believe.

"You did not think for yourself when you were 8yrs did you Spokes" Of course not. Thinking for myself would have resulted in my incarceration, as it would any child, by the time I was 10. The fact that you’re pops decided to let you think what you wanted to about Christianity based on no more than one man not answering your questions would indicate parent(s) who failed at more than this one area of your upbringing. The other obvious area based on your attacks is respecting others. But let’s not stop there, please feel free to let us in on the rest of your parents mistakes in rearing a child/children.

You have attacked people based solely on their belief that there is a God and yet you have nothing to back up you’re claim that there is no God. You've made numerous assumptions about me based on what you BELEIVED about me, not based on what I stated my beliefs were. Have I attacked you on what you believe about me? Everything you posted has as its bedrock what you think, and not a shred of evidence to be found with which to buttress you’re claims. For all you know I could be an atheist who simply respects that others believe there is a God. For all you know I believe in Jainism and object to you’re not allowing others to believe as they desire about spiritual matters. How do you know that I do not merely detest anyone who cannot respect others until they prove they are not worthy of that respect based on nothing more than your opinion?

Its people like you that create the problems you bemoan. You are every bit a fanatic as those you wish to punish. You show no leniency just like religious fanatics. I contend that if you were to disappear the world just might be a better place as there would be one less fanatic.

Edit: I forgot to mention that you made yet another bogus claim in your last post, you stated as fact “PS And I might add that there is no heaven or hell either” Where’s the proof? You brought this into the discussion so using your reasoning, prove it.
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* No Spokes you should seek medical attention because you are suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.
* I don't care if you have an opinion different to mine
* I have come to the conclusion that you should get a dictionary and look up the meaning of the word "DISAPPEAR'. You know …like go away,vanish,stop god-bothering people.
* I do not have to prove anything to you. You are just upset because i said that orthodox C J M's are brainwashed morons. Didn't say anything about a God. And I know a lot about morons having worked as a janitor in a medical facility ( so to speak)

Look Spokes…don't bother about the med's. Just go and get laid for once in your life. The DEVIL won't mind at all.
Rate :   1  4Rating :   -3
Well here we go. Can't defend the statements you made with reasoned arguments so you start acting like an 8-year old bully, name calling and all.

"* No Spokes you should seek medical attention because you are suffering from paranoid schizophrenia." I'm not the one suffering from a mental illness, I haven't decided that people who I disagree with me should JUST DISAPPEAR. In your twisted mind you made me out to be someone based entirely on what you BELEIVE about me with no evidence to back it up and then despise me. So what do you resort to when this happens in your’re twisted mind, you become an 8-year old bully. This is another of those areas it appears your parent(s) failed in while raising you.

"* I don't care if you have an opinion different to mine" Yes you do or this would have been a short discussion.

"* I have come to the conclusion that you should get a dictionary and look up the meaning of the word "DISAPPEAR'. You know …like go away,vanish,stop god-bothering people." The word can also be used in context, as it was by you, to mean "no longer exist". This use of the word is consistent with this part of your statement "world will be a much better place." If you wished they would all move to an island so as not have the ability to bother you it would fit the context of go away, stop bothering-god-bothering people.

"* I do not have to prove anything to you. You are just upset because i said that orthodox C J M's are brainwashed morons. Didn't say anything about a God. And I know a lot about morons having worked as a janitor in a medical facility ( so to speak)" You attack those who believe in the same God yet you claim you didn't say anything about a God?. Then what is the connection between them that so upsets you? The cultures of these three groups is very different so it can’t be a cultural thing? They don’t all come from the same country so it can’t be a FIFA thing? Yes, based on everything you said in this thread you hate God and all who believe there is a God. Calling them brainwashed morons, that's an adult comment isn't it? I do believe it when you state you know a lot about morons but not due to being a janitor in a medical facility, I expect it’s because of the years you've spent being treated for mental disorders due to a lack of parenting provided during your formative years. So you are correct in stating that you don’t have to prove anything to me but you already have and not just to myself but everyone who bothers to read these things. Well done child.

"Look Spokes…don't bother about the med's. Just go and get laid for once in your life. The DEVIL won't mind at all." You just can't help yourself can you?. You blunder around and make another assumption based on an 8-year olds lack of experience, that or something you heard the boys say in the bar one day, that I should get laid. For all you really know I could have a household full of kids or be a roving whoremonger in the clubs at night. More baseless assumptions and bullying when there is a lack of ability to maintain an adult level of discussion. Wow didn’t see that coming!
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It's difficult to have an argument with you. Someone that has a full and unfettered knowledge of the whole universe, wow!. You knows God personally. I could set a similar test for you: you are not human until you cannot answer how many grains of sand there are in a beach. Funny the games played by fanatic religious. Remind that when you pass you will ALSO discover that perhaps you have been all your life wrong. Stop pretending you know the answer.
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I got proof God exist, people that believe in him. I got proof God doesn't exist, people that don't believe in him. Now choose your belief and be content, because it's an argument only we can answer to ourselves.
Rate :   1  0Rating :   1
Are you blind or does your understanding of the English language create issues for you? If it is the latter I can except that but it certainly appears that your blind or didn't bother to completely read everything I posted. Where did I state there is no God? Where did I state that there is a God? Where did I state that I had unfettered knowledge of the universe or that I knew God personally? You attack me for reasons you made up. You have played a game here not I.

The only statement you make that is correct is that we will all discover if we were right or wrong about God when we pass. For those who believe there is a God and live according to his laws and find themselves right when they pass there could be nothing better. If they were wrong did they lose anything this life has to offer? Those who believe there is no God and discover they were wrong have lost everything when they pass. If there is no God they lose nothing. In the mean time those who live by God's laws and respect others according to these laws are by far the people I personally want to associate with no matter what I believe in for I want to be treated with respect and caring.
Rate :   4  2Rating :   2
Only one problem…someone else wrote that statement about " unfettered knowledge" or about being wrong or right re God when we pass.

Plus you wrote (except) instead of accept. You write (your) when it should be (your'e)

So I do not have problems with the English language.

Anyway I wish you well and hope you have a speedy recovery.
LOL and WOW.

Have a look at who I was responding to, it was Josu 0, not you. Talk about paranoia and being in need of treatment for mental disorders!

You sir are a true ignoramus.
Rate :   3  1Rating :   2
I got a good laugh out of that one. A bit careless of me.

Mental note to self..keep your guard up SW
I need some more popcorn now, my first bag is empty watching you two. Thank you S.W. and Spokes for the entertainment.

And now my turn to chime in:

For me part of the meaning of life is to discover the truth. And part of that means to assume something does not exist until proven otherwise. I chose the scientific approach and came to the conclusion that religion is something for those that need guidance in life. I chose not to need this, therefore I do not believe in a higher form. I am a secular humanist meaning that I believe in the good that can be within every human being. Just because we (still) do not understand how life works and where it came from does not mean we have to create someone/something who we say did it all. It is illogical.

Now back to me believing in humanity - yes there are many people that are corrupted and do nothing good for humanity. And religion has a lot to do with it in many cases. Look at the past and the present - how many deaths and hardship is directly and indirectly due to religion? I am talking about the middle ages especially, and what radical religious people are like today. Those that condemn others to death because they do not believe in the same god as them are what I think S.W. was talking about originally. Some use religion as an excuse to murder and do evil.

So you see religion can have good qualities, but also has bad qualities. You do not have to be religious to have a good conscience and help other people. I myself take great pleasure in helping others, but I do not do it for any god or after life, I do it for my own conscience. Some people need religion to have a conscience, and that is fine, good for them, but they better keep it to themselves. Helping people in need should occur out of the goodness of your heart, and not for religious reasons.

Those that take religion too seriously are mostly obnoxious, doing nothing good for their fellow man, and are sometimes even dangerous. It is THOSE groups of people that should just disappear, as S.W. has said, and it will lead to much more peace on earth. But of course we cannot do that - just wipe them out because of their beliefs - it is a difficult situation and we must make the best of it by not becoming just like them (sentencing them to death because of their beliefs).

This is what humanity has become in my eyes. A lot of those in power will do things that cause strife and misery to many many people, just because of what they believe in. Religion can be a dangerous excuse. And unfortunately it is being misused by so many people today. If there is a god, would he not want us all to live in peace and tolerate each other, no matter what we believe in?
Rate :   1  4Rating :   -3
That was a very well written,lucid and considered "chiming in".
Hope you enjoyed the Popcorn. I never eat the stuff. But to each his own,i say.
Rate :   1  4Rating :   -3
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If you follow the money or who benefits most in the Ukraine, then Ukraine redirected the Malasia airliner into the kill zone to further villify Russia and the rebels. It's no secret the West wants to disrupt the flow of Gazprom gas through Ukraine that  Read more
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