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When Heroes Disappoint

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Published : January 15th, 2010
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Yesterday, many said I published my greatest newsletter ever.

IRA & 401k Theft Plotted by US Government

But many reported that the link to the Businessweek article from Jan 8th was dead.  I don't like it when Businessweek goes out of their way to make me look like I'm inventing things, with no proof.

They moved their link, at the very inconvenient time of around 10pm West coast time, which would have been around 1am eastern, 4 hours after I sent out my article, but was 5 days after their original publication.  Looks like they did this in response to my report.  They also changed the title.

I've read of many other bloggers complaining about this, but it's never happened to me before. 

Here's the new link:

They changed the title from:

"Americans Oppose initiatives limiting 401 k choices ici says


Retiree Annuities May Be Promoted by Obama Aides

Shocking.  It's like 1984 the way they revise a historical article from the 8th, on the evening of the 13th like that.

I suppose one way to "promote" the "conversions" is to remove links, and change the titles when bloggers who disagree highlight the theft that they are plotting. 

And it looks like Businessweek just lost all credibility forever among anyone who reads this.

In case they do it again, here are more links to the story, more links to the theft of retirement accounts that they are plotting.  They can't possibly change them all, since many are on servers they don't control.  Some of these are forums that also complain about the link that moved.

I googled and it is all over, Here are just a few;

Washingtons Blog

North Jersey



"By now, many of you may have read about a new Democratic proposal to eliminate the tax incentives provided to 401(k) retirement plans, and replace them with 'government-guaranteed' retirement accounts."


Godlike Productions;

Military Photos Forum;

This Blue Marble Forum;



Slick Deals

And it goes on and on like wildfire!!!

The problem is government.  AND THE MEDIA!

The solution is silver, and gold.  AND THE INTERNET!


Another "so-called" hero of silver investors is Bart Chilton of the CFTC, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, whose job is to prevent fraud in the marketplace.

But the selling of unbacked silver futures contracts is fraud, and it takes place all the time.

The BIS reported that the mark to market value of over the counter, "other precious metals" (mostly all silver) derivatives went from under $100 billion to over $200 billion in 6 months, as I reported here:

But the total value of all 600 million ounces of silver mined each year, at $18/oz., is only $10.8 billion.  So where did they find the new pile of $90 billion worth of silver to sell, or nearly 8 years worth of world mine supply?  In other words, they didn't, it's all fraud.  THE BIS ADMITS SO, based on the math!

So, with that background, please understand my stance.  The "regulators" can do NOTHING to prevent the fraud.  There is no possible way to verify that people or corporations have the silver that they say they plan to sell in the future, unless all new sales of futures contracts are fully backed up by a 100% deposit of real silver now.  But that kind of defeats the point of futures, now does it not?  In other words, the ENTIRE CONCEPT OF FUTURES MARKETS IS ENTIRELY FRAUDULENT.

I have even written an article on that, explaining exactly why it is impossible to regulate futures.

The U.S. Government can't stop Silver Fraud
(But you can!)
Silver Stock Report
by Jason Hommel, April 16th, 2009

You cannot regulate futures any more than you could effectively ban debt.  Even I engage in futures contracts, the only difference is speed.  I sell silver online, and my customers get silver in a few days, not months. 

To write legislation that would prevent futures selling, you'd effectively have to ban all trading.  This is why it's impossible to regulate.

The only way to "regulate" it is to educate people to the fraud.  No other way is possible.

The CFTC can do nothing, and will do nothing, especially when they are IN ON THE SCAM.  THE CFTC IS A PART OF THE PRESIDENT'S WORKING GROUP ON FINANCIAL MARKETS, OR PART OF THE "PLUNGE PROTECTION TEAM".  Their goal is to specifically maniulate the value of the dollar higher, and keep silver and gold down.

As proof, I have emails from "Bart Chilton" who some in this industry feel might do something productive.

Again, there is no way to create "position limits" on shorts that would be effective.  JP Morgan, the big short, could easily set up numerous offshore dummy corporations who could all short silver to keep the massive short position in tact.

At least now we know it's JP Morgan who is the massive short.  The exposes the SLV as fraud, as JP Morgan is the silver custodian!

Here is the email exchange that led Bart Chilton to tell me to "F Off"

It started off with a man who wrote to Bart, and me, saying why the CFTC will do nothing.

His Reason?  Gary Gensler spent 18 years at Goldman Sachs, a corporation in on the gold manipulation scam.

Bart replied:

Hey Roger
I don't have time for that crap -- I'm trying to
make a difference. Please peddle it somewhere

Roger copied the email to me, and asked:  "Hey Jason Are they maybe feeling the pressure?"

I responded to Roger, and Bart Chilton of the CFTC:

> Position limits would have no influence, even if JP Morgan
> and silver were explicitly mentioned.
> Do you think they don't know how to set up, and fund, dummy
> corporations, as many as are needed, to continue the fraud,
> to hide their tracks?  JP Morgan taught Enron how to do
> that.  The only reason they are not doing so now is
> that most people are too stupid to notice, and too dumb to
> care, and they have already bribed or taken down all the
> officials who would interfere.
> Chilton is as effective as a burnt brick.
> But hey, I don't have a solution either; I would not stop
> them.  I would only try to educate the public to the
> fraud that is going on.
> Chilton should at least do that, but, again, he is like
> dust in the wind, and useful only for blinding the foolish
> masses into thinking the government is "on it".  I
> think he's even got GATA and Ted Butler fooled.
> Chilton has never written anything that remotely sounded
> intelligent to me.
> Sincerely,
> Jason Hommel

Bart responded:

> Sorry I won't play your childish game. These are serious
> issues. Please don't email again.
> B

I responded to Bart again:

Bart Chilton,

Please don't be rude, don't close your ears, don't make yourself appear more ignorant than you already do.  Besides, you work for the public, remember!

Besides, you don't want to risk me publishing your own childish responses to my list of 80,000 silver investors, do you?  After all, I don't consider it a coincidence that your announcement today

CFTC considers gold and silver position limits

comes after my email to you last night.

After all, these are serious issues, and you should be more careful on who you upset.

I'm serious that I have much sympathy for you.  After all, it is YOU who the public expects will "do something" to correct the ongoing fraud taking place under YOUR "watchful" eye, and it is YOU and men in your office that the public will want to "hang" and have executed when things go wrong in the world of finance.

They have done that before, in places like France, where they invented the guillotine, remember, or do you not know your history?

I'm not making any threats, I'm trying to help you avoid that fate!

It is my job to help keep you alive, to help direct the public to helping to understand that there is little you can do, that it is the fault of the public that they are the ones who are guilty of trusting paper promises of banks that should not be trusted in the first place.

To help keep yourself alive, you should follow my advice. 

Expose the fraud taking place.

Explain why you cannot regulate.

Explain how and why they could easily jump over any hoops of regulations that you put in place, by setting up dummy corporations to continue to short excessive amounts of silver that no man could possibly keep up with it all, or really know if they have the ability to back their short positions with silver, as it's completely unauditable.

You should consider yourself fortunate that I'm your friend, and in great sympathy for your predicament, and that I understand it as well as I do. 

I understand you are damned if you do, damned if you don't.

I understand that the banks put tremendous pressure on men in your position.

I'm not your enemy, I'm your friend.

I cannot guarantee that I won't email you again, after all, people continue to copy me the emails that they send to you!

You should have more respect for a man who can help you like I can.

Do you need men to pray for your protection?  I know thousands of righteous men who would gladly do just that.

The Bible says that the prayer of a righteous man can do a lot.


Bart finally emails me to say:  "F off"

Here are the full email headers for proof to all who know how the internet works:

Re: CFTC impending whitewash
Thursday, January 14, 2010 4:45 PM
From Chilton, Bart Thu Jan 14 23:45:46 2010
X-Apparently-To: via; Thu, 14 Jan 2010 15:45:47 -0800
Return-Path:   <>
X-YMailISG:   UeN4Pm8WLDv67v6ieQeZbmAg1v4thiN92FIjnav9zWxfD9nWe08L.
X-Originating-IP:   []
domainkeys=neutral (no sig);; dkim=neutral (no sig)
Received:   from (EHLO ( by with SMTP; Thu, 14 Jan 2010 15:45:47 -0800
Received:   from ([]) by
([]) with mapi; Thu, 14 Jan 2010 18:45:46 -0500
"Chilton, Bart" <
Add sender to Contacts
To:   "
''" <>
Date:   Thu, 14 Jan 2010 18:45:46 -0500
Subject:   Re: CFTC impending whitewash
Thread-Topic:   CFTC impending whitewash
Thread-Index:   AcqVcvR5N4r92bkPQ5mYp9VSNRAfIAAALzWu
Message-ID:   <>
Accept-Language:   en-US
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acceptlanguage:   en-US
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Content-Transfer-Encoding:   base64
MIME-Version:   1.0
Content-Length:   10343

I'm only somewhat disappointed that he could not communicate in a rational manner.  But then again, I have no faith in him to begin with.  I publish this because it helps to expose these men who help to conceal the fraud and continue to delay contemplating any "regulation" for another two months, until March, but it also shows they are helpless in the face of regulating the manipulation, and that may come as a surprise to many.

Roger finally wrote back to me:

It's pathetically hilarious! Gensler to investigate possible limits in gold/silver in March, now .  I thought that this was a part of the agenda for today. Midas in Le Met was hailing this as a breakthrough- Rubbish. Mr Chilton's fangs have finally come out. I think that you and Adrian Douglas are spot on- it'll come down to massive shortfalls- the physical will in the end write the script.  CFTC are are stalling massively: I wonder whether there'll come as USD devaluation in the interim period.  As I denoted in the email to you yesterday, they must be feeling a fair bit of pressure. God's powerful light is scattering the cockroaches. They're running in all directions, now. SEC and CFTC are puppets!
I for one feel pretty comfortable though. The impetus for me coming into the silver market was you, my friend. I have physical and stocks in gold and silver. I turned the whole thing over to God long ago. In His time.
Blessings  and God's loving protection to you and your family.
Roger Smith


In conclusion, while many said yesterday's email was my greatest ever, it cause many people to lose faith in me, their now "former" hero. 

What, I don't believe in evolution?

What, I think there are questions about 911?

What, I think people who are too stupid to hold on to their money deserve to lose it?

Heresy!  While I gained a few more devoted readers, 53 more left forever and even said why.  Pity.  I suppose you just can't burst too many cherished bubbles at once or people think you are crazy.

Guess what?  I also don't drink flouridated water, and I think flouride is a poison.

I also don't believe in vaccines!  If they were effective, they certainly would not need to force them on everyone.

I also didn't get a social security number for my little baby Jude.

And two of my own heroes lost a little luster today.

Two of my mentors, Bill Murphy and Ted Butler seem to have put faith in Bart Chilton lately.  Rubbish.  Foolishness.  How could they?!  Am I the only one that sees through this deception?

Clearly not.  Not any longer.


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 Jason Hommel


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