Why I Don't Vaccinate My Two Boys

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Published : April 02nd, 2016
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Robert De Niro introduced a new film, "VAXXED" to his film festival, and then pulled it, both actions generating lots of news.

Link: naturalnews.com

If De Niro can share his view and backpedal in 24 hours, I can share my steady view of the last 8 years. If the media can tell the nation to not see a movie that the media itself has not even seen, I can share what I know from years of study.

At least three Republican presidential hopefuls expressed hesitation regarding vaccines. But the media, full of conflict of interest because they receive ad money from vaccine makers, is slandering anyone who questions vaccines as uneducated. I understand that in California, 90% of people have fully vaccinated children, and that only 1% are not vaccinated at all, and about 9% have some vaccinations, which puts me in the extreme minority. That's ok. Silver investors are still in the 1/1000 minority, which is even worse!

California democrats last year passed a mandatory vaccine bill which takes effect this fall. The issue of mandatory vaccines is quickly coming to the national level, too. I have hesitated to discuss this seemingly unrelated topic in my "silver newsletter". However, it's long past time to address the issue of losing our medical freedom of informed consent.
Link: congress.gov
Link: vaccines.news

Why have I hesitated to discuss this? Some of my readers and former bullion customers are doctors. I hate to lose a key audience. However, doctors testify that they learn very little about vaccines in medical school; only how to push them:

As an investor, and as a newsletter writer, I research for a living, and I have evaluated risks for a living, not unlike an insurance underwriter. I have the time to study it, and no conflicts of interest. My conflict, my self interest, is to say nothing, so as to not alienate others with my extreme minority view.

Eight years ago, before my son was born, I rejected vaccines both on philosophical grounds and also practical grounds. Toxins, especially aluminum and mercury are bad, fetal tissue in vaccines is morally and spiritually bad, and the risk/reward are not worth it in America, because there have been zero cases of natural polio since 1979 according to the CDC, and at least 1600 deaths from polio vaccines. That settled it for me. It's the official story. Not worth it.

Nobody needs a degree in math to see the horrible risk of the polio vaccine.

"The last cases of naturally occurring paralytic polio in the United States were in 1979"
Link: cdc.gov polio faq

Please note. I have not gotten this key information off of "anti vax" websites full of "misinformation" (a key media buzzword). This is from the CDC. Go look. And I don't even trust the CDC! HA HA!

In the spring of 2015, because of CA's SB277 mandatory vaccine law, again I was researching vaccines, and I found the same polio information, and I concluded that "most" vaccines are "probably" not worth the risk to reward comparison here in the USA, given that more people die from the vaccines as can be found in VAERS, than from the actual diseases. Look them all up:


Again, that's the government database of adverse vaccine reaction reports. But adverse reactions are under reported. The reported deaths make it appear as if only about 1/400,000 kids die from vaccines, but with about 30 vaccines, that's brings it down to maybe 1 in 5000. That's alarming. But it's probably a lot worse, because of what I found next.

It was not long before I encountered the vaccine rate to infant death rate study. The USA has an infant death rate of 6/1000. Other nations that give half the vaccines have a 2/1000 rate. (Supporting this correlation, Mississippi mandates vaccines in the USA and has the highest infant death rate of about 9 or 10 per 1000.) This study is the biggest, and therefore, the most reliable study on vaccines causing death that there can be, and it implies a 4/1000 rate of death from vaccines, which is a rate of 1/250, which means vaccines likely cause about 16,000 deaths over 4 million kids per year in the USA.


These 16,000 deaths are far more than Polio ever killed at the worst year ever, which was about 2,500 deaths from Polio around the 1950's.

Congressman Posey questioned the CDC about this vaccine / infant mortality study in a hearing on Nov. 29th, 2012. (In the middle of this amazing questioning, the CDC admits they have NOT compared vaccinated vs. unvaccinated!) Regarding the vaccine / infant mortality study, the CDC guy thought he was talking about "longevity", not "infant mortality". You can see it towards the end of this 6 minute clip:
Link: youtube.com Posey Questions CDC on Autism Research

These 16,000 deaths require a lot of "SIDS" and "Shaken Baby Syndrome" diagnoses as alternative explanations to sweep that many deaths under the rug.

Again, from the CDC: "Each year in the United States, there are about 3,500 Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths (SUID). These deaths occur among infants less than 1 year old and have no immediately obvious cause."

From the NY Dept. of Health: "It is estimated that 1,000-3,000 children in the United States suffer from SBS each year."
Link: health.ny.gov

Look at that range estimate. It varies by a factor of 3. They are wildly guessing. Maybe it could be up to about 8000 each for SIDS and SBS, and maybe those two catch all diagnoses don't catch all the infant vaccine deaths.

There is so much on all these topics. When do I stop linking sources?
Link: vaccine-injury.info

SIDS and SBS, do not refute vaccines as the cause of death. The numbers, in my view, support the 16,000 deaths from vaccines, because the cause of SIDS is unknown, and SBS is brain swelling which is linked to vaccines and autism.

Today, I have a far more radical view, after all the additional study this year I have done on vaccines. I have become "radicalized" by far too many lies of the medical establishment (not all medical professionals), and I have been educated mostly by doctors who have had the boldness and freedom to explore these issues.

Here is a list of 46 doctors against vaccines:
Link: vaccinetruth.org

I'm both shocked at how far my view has changed so quickly, and I'm amazed I was so deceived, or trusting, only a year ago. A year ago, I believed that at least the rabies and smallpox vaccines worked, and were worth it. Not any more. It's like a lot of things, once your eyes are opened, you can never go back.

I do not think that anyone has ever gained any immunity from any vaccine. I believe there is zero potential reward. I believe all the studies showing some immunity from vaccines are far more likely to be lies than actual truth. Because lies are the norm from the vaccine industry. Even industry insiders do not trust the industry:

"It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine."
Link: visionlaunch.com

If vaccines work, why don't they work? Google "disease among 99% fully vaccinated" and example after example comes up. On a boat. In China. In Quebec. In kindergartners.
"17 Examples of Vaccine failure"
Link: vactruth.com

Outbreaks among the vaccinated is the only type of evidence you would expect to see if vaccines don't work. What other kind of evidence could there be? This evidence shows that the evidence that they do work is likely fraudulent. This is vaccine attorney Alan Phillips's strongest argument, I believe. I feel the other side of the argument, vaccine danger, is a stronger argument.

How can we trust the medical establishment, when things like this are exposed?
HIV Vaccine Researcher Gets 57 Months in Prison for Fraud - July 08, 2015
Link: medscape.com

All of the so called "vaccine preventable" diseases were already on the decline prior to the intruduction of the vaccines. They lie about the history, too, often claiming the vaccine was introduced long before it could possibly have had any effect, because it was not yet widely introduced.

Pro vaccine logic is not based on reality, and is not even consistent. They claim vaccines reduced disease, but the diseases were already going away. In this case, they claim "correlation is causation". But it can't be causation when the diseases already declined by 99% in some cases before the vaccine! But when it comes to vaccine injuries, hundreds of thousands of them, then "correlation is suddenly not causation", and it's all merely "case studies". Yes, but hundreds of thousands of them mean it's no longer "case studies"; it's an epidemic!

The entire concept of vaccines was based on the "observation" of a few milkmaids that didn't get smallpox. Maybe it was that they got cowpox. Or maybe it was because they had fresh whole unpasteurized unhomogenized milk to drink, you know, the kind of milk the FDA is arresting farmers for providing. Or maybe it was because they lived like the Amish still do, and the Amish still don't get autism either. I guarantee you that I have observed, and heard, now, in this information age, from far more parents who complain that their kids regressed into Autism right after getting vaccinated. This new "observation" is no less scientific, and no less reliable than the original "milkmaid" observation, in fact it is far more scientific, far more reliable. Here is testimony evidence!


At hearthiswell.org there are about 250 short 30 second video clips of parents saying "vaccines do cause autism" and giving their stories of their kids regressing right after getting shots. I watched about 20 of these last year. I broke down in tears. I could not watch any more. I know too much. They are right. Vaccines are destroying people's lives. I'm a grown man. My boy aged 5 watched me cry, and asked about it. He still speaks of it. "Remember that time, you cried, dad?" I never cry.

I do not think that vaccines pose "some risk". All vaccines always harm at least a bit. And the effect of harm is not cumulative, but multiplicative or even exponentially and compoundingly bad.

Toxic elements get far more toxic when combined with other toxic elements!

"In this study a dose of mercury that will kill 1 out of 100 rats was introduced into rats, followed by a dose of lead that will kill 1 out of 1000 rats. What they found was startling, every single rat exposed to the combination died!"
Link: unveilingknowledge.com

I now think that any measure of the toxic elements is always bad, and always contributes to a state of worse health, the only question is "how much"? The reasons are several. It is well known that aluminum is toxic. There is no known deficiency disease for low aluminum levels. There is no known benefit to any tissue from increasing aluminum levels. Increased aluminum levels are always associated with increased harm. It's like this for the other toxic metals, too. Mercury, fluoride, lead, etc.

All vaccines therefore do not pose "risk", but create harm. The only question is "how much harm" and can we even fully recover from the harm that they cause?

Consider autism for just a second. It is a spectrum. It ranges from some minor harm to major brain damage. What is "mild" about any form of brain damage? It would only manifest as slightly lower IQ, or other minor nerve disorders; ranging from twitching, pain, slower reflexes, slighly poorer coordination, or slighly reduced athletic ability.

As a former elite athlete, a ski racer, my own last statement terrifies me. Because I was a downhill ski racer, and my reflexes and ongoing risk assessment judgement while on the race course needed to be razer sharp just to stay alive, let alone do well!

Are some of the mildest forms of harm even detectable or even attributable to vaccines through obervational studies? Of course not. Or, it might be if they compared and studied unvaccinated kids, but they will never do that.

Does anyone feel the need to hold a baby from his ankles, and the drop a baby on his head from various heights onto the concrete to test to see the maximum height you can drop him before it causes damage? Or would common sense tell you that is entirely inappropriate?

Look at some of the worst harm that is often attributed to vaccines (besides paralysis or death): full blown autism. What does that look like? What are the worst case symptoms? No speech. Little motor function. Lack of bowel control. In other words, a full grown man will be acting like an infant from ages 1-6 months.

Now. Think. Carefully consider this. If you gave your 1 day old, your 2 month old, your 4 month old, your 6 month old, vaccines that resulted in "full blown autism", would you even be able to detect the worst case symptoms that basically mean that they would be not able to talk, and having no control over their bowels?

YOU WOULD NOT EVEN BE ABLE TO DETECT FULL BLOWN AUTISM IN AN INFANT. FULL BLOWN AUTISM RESULTS IN CHILDREN REGRESSING TO "INFANTILE" BEHAVIOR. Therefore, giving vaccines that contain aluminum, which is known to cause nerve damage, and therefore brain damage, and thus, "autism like symptoms", to an infant is so ridiculously, stupendously, horrifically, abysmally, catastrophically . . . inappropriate.

Only a brain damaged adult, a vaccinated adult, or a deceived adult, would ever even consider getting an infant vaccinated, given the long known risks of nerve poisons that are associated with autism. These "risks" are simply not well publicized. But they are well known, and well recognized as risks.

Autism is now listed as a reported adverse reaction on the Dtap vaccine insert, page 11.
Link: fda.gov Dtap vaccine insert

And from my point of view, it's not a "risk". It's simply a known effect of the aluminum. IT'S WHAT ALUMIMUM DOES IN THE BODY. THE ONLY QUESTION IS, "HOW MUCH HARM"?

There is no polio. There is no measles threat. 150 cases? Ridiculous non threat. There are 70,000 new cases of Autism each year. 1/40 kids are getting autism now. Or is it 1 in 18 for 2016 now?
Link: vaxtruth.org

Something like 22 of the 25 Studies conducted by the CDC showing "no link" between vaccines and Autism were run by a guy now wanted for fraud. That is a 6 year old story now. But the CDC and media continue to rely on these studies?
Link: huffingtonpost.com

There is also a whistleblower at the CDC who is alleging that the CDC hid a link between MMR and autism among black boys, who got 300% more autism, and pregnant mothers, 800% more autism, more than the usual "low" admitted rates.

The CDC whistleblower was reported by forbes. A FINANCE MAGAZINE!
Link: forbes.com CDC whistleblower and autism

Maybe it's time to sell pharmaceutical stocks like Merck and Pfizer? If Forbes can report this issue, so can I.

Wakefield's partner was exonerated.
Link: BBC news.

There are also 124 scientific studies linking vaccines and ausism.
Link: scribd.com 124 scientific vaccine-autism papers

What does that mean? The science is settled, vaccines don't cause autism, except when the science says that vaccines do cause autism? The media spin and denial and lies are insane.

Forget autism for a minute, look at the bigger picture: total developmental disorders:

The CDC says that 1 out of 6 kids have some form of developmental disorder in the USA. When I first encountered that statistic, I thought it was anti vax exaggeration. But this is government data! "Data from the study showed that developmental disabilities (DDs) are common: about 1 in 6 children in the U.S. had a DD in 2006--2008."
Link: CDC on birth defects key findings

Some may counter that aluminum is harmless; as it's found in antacids as "aluminum hydroxide". Well, well, well. It causes the same things, too. Brain swelling is encephalophy which often "causes" autism.
Link: drugs.com on aluminum hydroxide

"Encephalopathy associated with aluminum accumulation is generally characterized by speech disorders, dysarthria, dyspraxia, dysphasia, tremor, myoclonus, seizures, coma, and death.

The interval between commencement of aluminum hydroxide therapy and development of encephalopathy in eight reported cases ranged from three weeks to three months. In two of these patients, aluminum serum concentrations of 871 to 2267 mcg/L were reported. These patients were on concomitant sodium citrate therapy."

The citrate helps zinc be better absorbed through the gut lining. I know this, because I'm recovering from my own zinc deficiency and I regressed on that. After three months of taking daily zinc, I had to look up how to increase my zinc absorption; I had to take it with meat, and citrus.

So, if you are injecting aluminum directly, it's obviously being absorbed better than if it needs extra help to get through the stomach lining first, such as with citrus.

During my vaccine research last year, I encountered a doctor who said all vaccines always cause harm. I remember thinking, "What a radical! I'm not nearly as insane as that guy!" Oh what a turn of events!

I have read that many doctors who have discovered how vaccines might cause cancer, and how they can cure cancer with GcMAF, have recently been killed.

Is GcMAF the real reason why holistic doctors are being found dead?
Link: naturalhealth365.com

They probably won't kill me for my views. I'm just a radical bible thumper with little influence. And besides, "vaccines are not my area of expertise" right? HAHA! I guarantee you that you now know more about vaccines than most doctors, and the doctor who has now mandated them on all CA kids!

Aluminum. Always toxic. Always causes harm. That much is obvious.

Or is it? Because of the high standards I have set for the silverstockreport, I have decided to research this again. I found two startling facts from two government sites, one from the FDA showing how much aluminum is in the vaccine schedule, 4.2 mg, and one from the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES TOXICOLOGICAL PROFILE FOR ALUMINUM, showing how much aluminum is found in the human brain: .25 mg/kg and I will quote them exactly:

"The FDA study found that the maximum amount of aluminum an infant could be exposed to over the first year of life would be 4.225 milligrams(mg)"
Link: fda.gov

"The normal level of aluminum in the human brain ranges from 0.25 to 0.75 mg/kg w/w, with gray matter containing about twice the concentration found in the white matter (Alfrey et al. 1976; Arieff et al. 1979; McDermott et al. 1978; Roider and Drasch 1999)." (from pg. 104)
Link: atsdr.cdc.gov

So, vaccines add about 42 times as much aluminum to the body as is found in brains, assuming infant brains are about .4 kg in size and have the lower end of the aluminum content as the brains quoted in the studies above. No thanks.

What is truly staggering to consider, and what I consider to be a true indictment against the entire medical establishment is to compare the aluminum levels in vaccines to the RDA for iodine, which is a known vital nutrient, without which, people develop goiters, thyroid disorders, low IQ, cretinism, breast cancer, and other problems.

The US RDA for daily dietary iodine is 110 mcg.
Link: ods.od.nih.gov

The vaccine amounts of aluminum, a known poison, is up to 1000 mcg injected at the 6 month visit!
Link: thinktwice.com

How can they say that a vital nutrient, iodine, should be limited to 110 mcg otherwise it can be dangerous, but a known toxic element, aluminum, is perfectly safe at 1000 mcg, a 9 times higher amount when it's injected directly into a baby? That's madness, insanity, or political doubletalk.

Iodine helps build up the myelin sheath, the fatty coating that protect the nerves and helps speed up nerve communication. Aluminum destroys the myelin sheath.

I do not even think that vaccines are the primary cause of autism. (Maybe that is a mild view that will change in time.) MMR was not associated with Autism in Dutch children. But the Dutch were not getting much autism, and so, that does not explain away the major autism problem in the USA.

In the USA, we are also exposed to mercury, fluoride, bromine, glyphosate, GMOs, and thousands of other toxins. I think that for many, the vaccines are simply the straw that breaks the back of the total toxic load, and lack of vital minerals like iodine, boron, zinc, copper, magnesium, and/or other vitamin deficiencies.

Since I now believe that vaccines contain zero benefit, and are always harmful, I suppose my views are as radical as can be. But I hope my thoughts give you food for thought on the issue.

I know a lot more than what I have presented today. In this one article, I identified 80 Bad Assumptions of Mandatory Vaccine Advocates:

There are two advocates who are doing good successful work to publicize the dangers of vaccines with very little budgets:

Brandy Vaughan is an amazing woman who has exposed vaccine dangers despite suffering stalking threats. "When working in the pharma industry, Brandy sold Vioxx, a painkiller that was found to double the risk of stroke and heart attacks and was eventually taken off the market. "From that experience, I realized that just because something is on the market, doesn't mean it's safe," explains Brandy. "And much of what we are told by the healthcare industry, just simply isn't the truth."

Larry Cook is a dear facebook friend, a prayerful Christian, and anti vaccine advocate who says, "Our children will not be force vaccinated". He is successfully making high quality videos that are going "viral"!

There are over 300 more vaccinations in development. If we don't stop this trend, all adults will be over vaccinated in the next ten years causing a massive further dumbing down of America that we cannot afford.
Link: pharmatimes.com

It might very well be that the reason why people are not turning to silver in large numbers is that the general public is already so dumbed down with toxic overload from vaccines, fluoride in water, toothpaste, and fluoride in so many medications and toxins from other sources.

They know fluoride makes people dumber. THIS IS HARVARD! 2012!
"Impact of fluoride on neurological development in children"
Link: harvard.edu

I hope to present practical detox solutions in my next article, some things I'm actively doing to improve my own health. (The specifics about greens, boron, iodine, etc.)

In conclusion, I would far rather be called stupid for not vaccinating, than actually cause stupidity in my own children by poisoning them with vaccines.

We owe it to the next generation to try to make sure that our children can be smarter than we are. And that's why I don't vaccinate my kids!

Please leave your comments on this article online at: silverstockreport.com/2016/no-vax.html


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