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Will Gold Eagles Finish The Week Above $2,100 / Silver Eagles Above $34

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Published : July 24th, 2020
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Category : Gold and Silver

If you have been following our recent work you should’ve noticed we are not much paying attention to what the charts are saying about gold and silver. With both metals markets being proven to be rigged, manipulated and total travesty why report on lies – that’s corporate media’s job and we aren’t interested. Besides that, there are plenty of people who continually report on the rigged, manipulated and total travesty known as the COMEX, NYMEX and all the other so-called markets.

The disconnect between physical and the illusion called COMEX is only going to continue growing from here. Yes, they will get back in close alignment until they completely blow apart one from the other. We pray that day is sooner rather than later.

After checking several of the online dealers it appears that gold has breached, once again, the $2,100 level for a one ounce 2020 American Gold Eagle (AGE). This was the case as of 10:57am CST Friday 7/24/20. Will it hold until the end of the day when the nonsensical COMEX closes for the weekend.

2020 American Silver Eagles had breached the $34 level at approximately the same time as the AGE’s earlier today. If this holds going into the weekend, look out next week. There will be an explosion either far higher or an absolute smash to the downside. We believe this afternoon Friday 7/24/20 will tell-the-tale. If the metals are rigged back down, and we see ASE’s back into the high $20’s, which they probably will be, then next week will be another week of solid gains but nothing too explosive. However, on the slim chance this doesn’t happen we could easily see silver hit levels we haven’t seen in some time.

We could also see silver never, ever return to the $17, $18, $19 levels again. Not saying that is the case at this point, but we are most certainly close to that day. We believe $15, $16 silver is gone forever. It’s just a question of how severe the banking cabal is prepared to expose their hand at this point. hmmm…Everybody keeps screaming about RICO and JPMorgan… okay, where is the case, who’s conducting the investigation and how many people are being investigated?  I’ll wait here checking on the prices and availability of physical gold and physical silver while you gather the info.

Actually, does it matter if they expose their hand or not – has anyone gone to prison or even been investigated? A $6 dollar chart smash would push the needle back to the low $17 level. A $10 chart smash – highly unlikely – we’d be looking at $13 COMEX. The real question is – would the premiums explode to the upside and instead of having mid / upper teen’s on the ASE’s we’d looking at $40+ ASE’s and $2,300 AGE’s. You know where my bet is – $40+ physical silver if the COMEX crazies decide to push the needle down.

Got physical gold and physical silver close at hand?

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