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>5 Reasons Gold Will Set an All-Time Record In 2013  - Aubie Baltin - 
"Stage three is when people from all walks of life start lining up at pawn brokers and coin dealers to buy gold and silver."

You forgot, they already lined up to sell their old and broken gold. The vast majority are too far in debt to buy even silver. Jeez, many are having problems keeping the lights on.

Those few who still have some liquidity buy elsewhere at a lower premium. And if you look at the US market, there just isn't that many participants in physical compared to other countries that are still nations of savers. Don't forget that Joe Average American always buys as the mania really takes hold and then sells low.

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Beginning of the headline :No two bull markets are ever exactly the same and gold is no exception. During the last secular gold bull market in the 1970s, gold rose from $35 in 1968 all the way to $200 by late 1974. Then completely unforeseen the unthinkable happened. Between late 1974 and mid-1976, gold prices were cut in half, dropping from about $200 to $100. At the time, many Gold Bugs sold out in fear & disgust. But then the unimaginable happened again; Gold prices started to climb and climb, rising from $100 in mid-1976 all the way to $800 by January 1980. Anyone who bought gold at $35 earned better than 20 times their investment. But most of that rise occurred in just the last two months of 1979... Read More
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