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>Comex To Make It Easier For Smaller Investors To Take Delivery Of Silver With New 1000 o  - Dan Dontrose - The Fundamental View
Don, I hope I'm getting this right. You say the 1,000 ounce contracts will begin trading in June, 2013 ~ and that over-the-counter clearing of the contracts begins in September, 2013. Yes, I know that Commodities Exchange Delivery means the delivery of THE REAL item: not a paper substitute.

Looking at this "new and improved" Silver Market Tool, offered by the CME Group, brings up a LOT of doubt. First of all, MF Global, under the CME Group umbrella, only took a few weeks from warning to default to insolvency. Secondly, there are 5 MONTHS between now and September ~ leaving plenty of time for any number of "Unforeseen Hazards" to come to light. On the up side: it would be better PR (public relations) to have 5 happy customers receiving 1,000 ounces each ~ than to have 1 happy customer receiving 5,000 ounces. Public Perception is EVERYTHING these days. Besides, do the BIG players in the Silver Market actually take delivery ?? or do they take payment in money ?? or do they just Roll-Over the contracts ??

3321 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Often, smaller investors have been shut out of actually asking for deliver of physical silver from the Comex given the relatively larger contract sizes (5000 ounces), so, a retail investor standing for delivery would need to pay for 5,000 ounces of silver at minimum which could be quite out of the normal retail investor’s allotted capital. The CME group has unveiled a new 1,000 ounce contract that would enable investors to stand for delivery of 1,000 ounces of silver at the settlement price. N... Read More
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