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>Cultural Marxism: The Corruption of America  - Nelson Hultberg -
Who are you boys accusing of spewing a load of garbage? Is it Antonio Gramsci and Georg Lukacs or the author of this article? If it is the author of the article then I think you have misread the article (or I did which wouldn't be a first).
And just because capitalism has utterly failed...that doesn't let cultural Marxism off the hook does it? I actually read the whole article and I think I even understood most of the big words and thought it was well written and right on.

3306 days ago
Beginning of the headline :"The United States has undergone a cultural, moral and religious revolution. A militant secularism has arisen in this country. It has always had a hold on the intellectual and academic elites, but in the 1960s it captured the young in the universities and the colleges. "This is the basis of the great cultural war we're undergoing.... We are two countries now. We are two countries morally, culturally, socially, and theologically. Cultural wars do not lend themselves to peaceful co-e... Read More
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