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>Reflections on "Dangerous and Insane"  - Mish - Global Economic Analysis
Francis Bacon - don't introduce thought experiments to state unless in dire necessity and then beware it is the reformation that informs the change, not the desire for change that drives the reformation.

Sounds simple enough. Anyone want to buy another bucket of Obama's Change We Can Believe In swill before we get serious about reforming the current and soon to be bankrupt United States?

Note too, Bacon makes no reference to percents - not 1%, not 99%, no percents at all. Instead he metrics toward success over failure in an endeavor, which is to be performed under strength. Cut through the din, people. It's a trap, which will consume those who set it. Sure, the United States is currently and unequivocally bass ackward under Obama. Obama has got to go. He is both charade and and toothless welp.

This country needs new leadership. Its one fundamental asset at this time - Americans know about 'makin Bacon.' Let's get it on!

2385 days ago
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