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>When Silver Sneezes, Derivatives Will Catch a Cold  - Jeffrey Lewis - 
Oh, yes, I know about the Cyprus "Bail In". And, you are correct about the other central banks possibly following this practice. But it could never happen here, right???? The Feds are already stealing peoples cash savings by inflating it away. I know, the Fed says inflation is minimal but the fed doesn't live in the real world where a paycheck goes to buy less and less.
And just look at all the down votes we get for speaking the truth. Is that because of denial, or just plain willful ignorance?

3234 days ago
Beginning of the headline :What would a silver market default look like? Look no further, because a silent default is happening now. The cash settlement mechanism for the default has been well-established and put in place for that purpose.Cash settlement for now, nevertheless, without physical delivery for industrial users, would send shock waves throughout the industry. The drama is enough to trigger a panic, despite any ability of some users to switch or find substitutes.Like all financial defaults, the break in confide... Read More
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