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>August 8, 1893 : The Repeal of the Silver Act  - History of Silver - 
Fair enough. I wasn't claiming that Europe was trading with China before Marco Polo. I was saying that the withdrawal of the Roman empire from much of Europe didn't affect other parts of the world. When we look at the use of money in history we could probably find similar events elsewhere. For example when the Mongols invaded China not only did they massacre the people but I think their gold currency was replaced with a silver one. Certainly another period when a man might need to travel far afield before his gold coin can be traded.

So perhaps my original statement needs to be amended to include some clause about devastating events. Fair call.

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Beginning of the headline :President Cleveland Message on the Repeal of the Sherman Silver Purchase Act (August 8, 1893) The existence of an alarming and extraordinary business situation, involving the welfare and prosperity of all our people, has constrained me to call together in extra session the people's representatives in Congress, to the end that through a wise and patriotic exercise of the legislative duty, with which they solely are charged, present evils may be mitigated and dangers threatening the future may be averted... Read More
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