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Economics is extremely useful as a form of employment for economists.
John Kenneth Galbraith  
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Dan D
Member since May, 2011
21 commentaries -
Commented On
 It Might Be Time To Acknowledge That The Gold Bull Market Has Ended - Dan Dontrose - The fundamental View  (13)
Rene, you can't let your arrogance on silver getin the way of making prudent financial decisions. Many people steadfastly held on to the notion that silver could not fall and the dollar would die. Three years later, the dollar is still alive and silver has come down from reaching a $50.00 top to trading below $30.00. If you failed to re-visit your thinking last May, your silver holdings have now made you 40% poorer. In fact, since I wrote about silver taking a dive back on December 7, you are an additional 10% poorer.

I regret that many people only want to hear one side of the argument. However, you can't formulate an proper opinion by doing so. I urge you to revist your thinking. Despite all the doomsdayers since 2009, today, the US dollar is on an uptrend while both gold and silver have broken down.

That reality can't be masked.

953 days ago
Read the headline :...Read More
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