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>The Self-Rehypothecation of Ben Bernanke  - James Howard Kunstler - 
James, you teach me something new every week ! ! Factotums was easy, but I got a real laugh when I found the definition of catamite. I then had a visual of The Fed Group ~ followed around by their entourage of ass-kissers. Everything didn't turn out as funny though. While I was laughing I spilled a small bowl of my home-made salsa on my cell phone. It stopped working. Oh well ~ guess NSA won't be able to find me after Labor Day ! !

3443 days ago
Beginning of the headline :How then did Ben Bernanke finally summon the fortitude to entertain tapering Federal Reserve bond purchases from $85 billion a month to, say, $84.7 billion a month come September 18th, the world may never know, but now the deed appears to be done, in his absence, by remote paranormal transmission, while the other Fed board members, with their attendant economist factotums, servelings, and catamites all beamed the message out of horsey Jackson Hole that they expected — even pined for — the vaunte... Read More
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