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>Between a Rock and a Laugh Track  - James howard Kunstler - 
Kunstler is at it again. He criticizes America for interfering militarily in the affairs of other nations and says, "Lately when America mounts a high moral horse about how other nations behave, we have gone into these places and smashed things up, bringing much more death and destruction than we anticipated."

...and then 'mounts a high moral horse' of his own by ranting again about peak oil in this article, and previous rants against suburbia, strip malls, and automobiles. Kunstler is against America interfering in the lives of individuals in other nations --- but has no qualms about advocating interference in the lives of Americans.

3374 days ago
Beginning of the headline :After the British parliament put the kibosh on following the American punishment brigade to Syria, and then NATO, and the UN wrinkled their noses at the project, well, that pretty much left President Obama to twist slowly, slowly in the wind — washed, rinsed, and hung out to dry. It looks like a watershed moment in the USA’s increasingly klutzy career as the world’s hall monitor... Read More
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