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>Between a Rock and a Laugh Track  - James howard Kunstler - 
Another piece of subtle dis-information by our "chosen" but "brilliant" apologist for Israel and the Zionist machine that is the spur in the ribs driving the lame horse America into another costly war for the sole benefit of Israel.

Not one mention of the the Zionist influence in this article which is always the case with Jimbo. He always lays the cause and motivations at the feet of some brutal, backward, overpopulated Arab nation or the backward Christians who are busy at "fried dough" events doing the same stupid things they always do....listen to Republicans. Jimmy is a sly little dog even though he is an entertaining read at time but the truth always slides of his page as he is a master at covering for those he thinks have a right to rule the world even if Israel wouldn't last 6 months without all the hundreds of billions of $'s that comes form those "dumb Christian" taxpayers who don't have a clue what goes on as the same people own the media that hides, twists, obfuscates the real facts much better than Jimmy boy.

3375 days ago
Beginning of the headline :After the British parliament put the kibosh on following the American punishment brigade to Syria, and then NATO, and the UN wrinkled their noses at the project, well, that pretty much left President Obama to twist slowly, slowly in the wind — washed, rinsed, and hung out to dry. It looks like a watershed moment in the USA’s increasingly klutzy career as the world’s hall monitor... Read More
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