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>Why Is the US Destabilizing One Country After Another?  - Michael S. Rozeff - Lew Rockwell
Well I wasn't thinking of main stream religion although I'm sure that Woody and Vox were. With Vox I know this to be the case as he has many times told us of his hatred of religions and God. I was just hoping Woody and or Vox would have the smarts to figure out that these wars had nothing to do with what is normally called a religion rather it is the religion of greed and power.

3175 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Several motivations are operating simultaneously. One is offered by Phil Greaves of Global Research: “There are predominantly two parties to blame for the sectarianism rife in Syria and spreading beyond its borders, they are: Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Sitting behind these states, and driving their destructive policy is, as always, the Empire of the era. Those who gain the most from destabilizing whole resource-rich regions for their own benefit. For the last 60 years, that Empire has been the Unit... Read More
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