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>"If Americans Could Read Classified Documents They'd Be Even More Against Syrian War"  - Mish - Global Economic Analysis
"Sounds like he could be a rising star of the Republican party, except that the main stream media will do everything possible to hide or discredit him. "

Or the owners will have him whacked. Suicide, Heart Attack, plane crash or car hack.

3178 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Here's a quartet of interesting tweets from House of Representative member Justin Amash Republican from Michigan. Tweet #1: If Americans could read classified docs, they'd be even more against Syria action. Obama admn's public statements are misleading at best. Tweet #2: Attended another classified briefing on Syria & reviewed add'l materials. Now more skeptical than ever. Can't believe Pres is pushing war. Tweet #3: Asked Obama admn officials to correct admn's public statements that are incons... Read More
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