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>Gassy Politics  - James Howard Kunstler - 
It would appear that i was mistaken as to the meaning of the red lettered advisory no longer appearing in my comment box. My previous comment took the same 10 minutes to appear here (no big deal) and never showed up in the Latest Comments section on the main page (my chief complaint). As it took many hours before it received an arrow, i became convinced that my comment was being blocked from everyone else and that only i could see it. And so i reopened the page maybe 6 hours later and saw that it now had its usual crop of down arrows. i also noted that though i had only given an arrow to one of the posts on this page (a down arrow for Jim's original post), i no longer could vote for quite a few of the posts here.

So then, i have no idea what the moderators are trying to accomplish with their gamesmanship. Whatever it is, i am not playing. They will have to let me know in writing that my posts will appear in the Latest Comments box of the main page before i post again. Until then, should it ever happen, this is me signing off.

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Beginning of the headline :First: Paul Sabin’s stupid op-ed in The New York Times Saturday shows how intellectually bankrupt and pusillanimous the “newspaper of record” has become, in step with the depraved and decadent empire whose record-keeper it supposedly pretends to be. Sabin is flame-keeper for the theories of the late cornucopian demi-god Julian Simon, a business school professor whose great idea stokes the wishful thinking that has overtaken a class of American leaders who ought to know better, and spread through... Read More
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