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>Does the moon control gold and silver prices?  - Jan Skoyles Real Asset Co - The Real Asset Co
Interesting! I wouldn't be surprised if there really were something to this. How many times have we heard that people get wild on a full moon or 'look out, its a full moon tonight'. I'm not at all in to astronomy as in for future telling and all that silliness, nor good luck or bad luck or superstitions, but sometimes wives can be pretty smart. I was thinking we had closer to 80+% water in our bodies but might be wrong. I was also taught in H.S. science that we had around .90 cents worth of minerals in us too. But considering that was 25 years ago, it might now be closer to $5.00 adjusting for inflation.

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Beginning of the headline :With all this talk of war and tapering, it might be time to step back and look more at forces outside of human control and their impact on precious metal prices. In 2008 Brian Lucey looks at the influence lunar cycles have on gold, silver and platinum prices. This may seem unusual, but as we explained on Wednesday, there is a vast amount of research carried out that looks at the impact of moods and other such changes on equity prices. Every week we look to the next central bank meeting or the ne... Read More
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