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>The mystery of the Missing Currency  - Eric de Carbonnel - Market Skeptics
Eric, good article about our Fascist Government; but you like they are missing what is really happening. We no longer trust our own Government, as it operates above the law by changing the laws in the middle of the night ( a la Paulson), turns off "free market" computers to stave off crashes (a la flash crash), and simply ignores disclosure, environmental and safety laws as desired (a la BP). It is obvious to me that many have simply taken their savings out of the system and put it in a vault or safety deposit box. What are they missing? One tenth of a per cent interest. So watch out, velocity is the key to inflation, not volume. When they scare us with monetary inflation we will spend it very quickly and asset inflation will zoom. The time to spend will be when the insiders quit buying the bonds and the bond market crashed. Then we can call it the Weimar II.

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