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>Russian Roulette?  - Andy Sutton - 
Andy, there are those of us who wrote to our Congressman, our Senators, and even our President, opposing the thousands of things they made into law. There are those of us who worked hard for the Ross Perot Campaign, the Ron Paul Campaign and opposed BOTH of the wars against Iraq. You offer up the broad statement: "I know the answers for this country and lose a good deal of sleep over it, not so much for our current generations; we made our beds. Now we can lie in them. " Not ALL of our current generations, and probably not even a majority, ever made the bed America now lies in.

2429 days ago
Beginning of the headline :My Two CentsBy Andy SuttonOne of the biggest shames in the world is when someone else has to take care of your business when you are perfectly capable of doing so yourself. It used to be the ultimate form of embarrassment. However, we in the United States have turned shame into an art form over the past hundred years or so, squandering everything from our riches and blessing to the sacred honor Thomas Jefferson wrote about all those years ago in a document that is barely covered in most school c... Read More
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