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>Lawyer Advises Me "Don't Go to France"; French Pub Fined €9,000 for Using "Undeclared Labor" after C  - Mish - Global Economic Analysis
The French are deeply suspicious of the Germans, going as far as having
their great cultural intellectuals branding German resistance to float
'Euro-bonds' as 'economic genocide' that is akin to nazi-era genocide.

Not my opinion folks, it's been chronicled in Der Speigel:

And that article is just a start, Der Spiegel has many more articles outlining the French view of current German monetary policy.

I suppose being angry at Germany is a fair call even after all these years, but the French want to open up the savings accounts
of millions of Germans to fund the weak economies in Europe, and France wants to be first in line.

I'll leave that up to you to decide what is fair.


3263 days ago
Beginning of the headline :A few days ago my lawyer advised me "Don't go France" (not that I had any plans to of course). The advise, coupled with the message "First amendment rights stop at the US border", was in reference to my November 20 article Mish Fined 8,000 Euros for Quoting French Blog. All I did was quote a French blogger on bank leverage, and the numbers I quoted were matched by the Wall Street Journal. Wolf Richter at the Testosterone Pit commented on Gagging Doubt: French Crackdown On French And American B... Read More
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