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>Like Your Hair’s On Fire  - James Howard Kunstler - 
Hey Jim,

Nice to see you back.
I've been trying to absorb some of the pent up red arrows while you were away.
No doubt Kunst fantasizes about all the dope on Breaking.
I heard a rumour he's buying a green house in Colorado, at least until Cuomo and De Blasio
allow green houses in NY - strip mall rejuvenation projects, going green.


3233 days ago
Beginning of the headline :The past two months I’ve taken in all but the final few episodes of Breaking Bad, America’s loathe letter to itself. What a metaphor for a nation’s transition from an ethos of earnest effort to a mood of criminal buffoonery. For you who haven’t tuned in to this cultural artifact, Breaking Bad is a cable TV series about a bland high school chemistry teacher, Walter White, who, facing an expensive battle with lung cancer, decides to get into the lucrative business of cooking methamphetamine, the m... Read More
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