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>Why the Current Resource Sector Ebullience will be Short Lived  - James West - Midas Letter
You seem to lump the "resource sector" and the TSX all together with gold, silver, and, I assume, platinum and paladium into your negative prediction, but then you end your article with,

"If my assessment is correct in total, then we will not likely see any meaningful return to substantial demand growth for base and industrial minerals until mid-2016."

But the market for "base and industrial minerals" and the market for the PMs are not particularly related, except as they are traded together by certain funds. Fundamentals of those two markets, on the other hand, are quite different. Perhaps you are saying that the resource sector of the market, primarily the base and industrial minerals, might receive some degree of drafting / lift from the PM market should it take off?

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Beginning of the headline :Oh the hyperbole and gush frothing forth as the TSX Venture takes another moon shot at regaining some of its former glory. Its enough to make one want to resurrect their online trading account and stuff it full of dollars in anticipation of the return of the bull. But soft! young trader! Woulds’t thou toss away so carelessly what remaining ducats ye have retained through the foul tempest of markets most recently endur’d? While I’d like to embrace the idea that there is a reason to pop the cap ... Read More
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