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>Have the Gold & Silver Prices Resumed the Uptrend and if so why?  - Julian D. W. Phillips - Gold Forecaster
On the one hand: I understand your reasoning Julian; the Gold ETF running out of gold to sell. On the other hand: I was thinking all along the Gold ETF is dealing in "paper" and they never had ANY gold. When I try to simplify what I read: I get confused.

2281 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Gold is now above $1,330 and setting a pattern of short consolidations up against overhead resistance before breaking through and moving higher. This seems to contradict the popular opinion that gold should be sold and funds invested in equity markets.In 2013, the hope that the economic recovery would gain traction in the U.S. caused a persistent trend of selling gold from U.S. based gold Exchange traded Funds. In April 2013, after Goldman Sachs forecast a heavy fall in the gold price, together... Read More
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