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>How to Hide Your Gold and Silver  - Mike Maloney - Goldsilver
Lets see, you come in here and take a cheap shot at me then accuse me of being a fool when I respond to you? You may be on to something as wasting time on you seems to be a fruitless activity. Any liberal would be proud of you.

"btw I advocate productive work and reward, not sitting on a bit of gold betting for the world to end... and certainly not stealing." Hold on Shirley. Aren't you the fool who couldn't take the heat of hanging on to PM's awhile back and ended up tossing a bunch of silver into the ocean instead of selling it and making use of the money? And you come in here calling me a fool? Did the concept of hanging on to PM's as a store of wealth to be sold at a later date when they are needed rather than hanging on to ass wipe that depreciates every day go so far over your head that all you saw was a vapor trail?

I do not have to seek to position myself as your intellectual and moral superior, although obviously I am on both counts. If your stupid enough to toss PM's into the ocean because you cant handle the stress of owning them rather than selling, taking the cash and paying for your kids college tuition or maybe giving the money to a charity (I recall someone taking you to task for this) then yes, I am superior to you as far as intellect and morals.

If you are not able to discern why I pointed my anger at the author of this piece of crap then maybe, due to your being rather slow, I should make an attempt to better explain it but I wont as I see no ability on your end to comprehend anything I have to say.

"Your mind is quick to jump to thoughts of theft and violence (seemingly from nowhere)" You really are an idiot aren't you. The article was about where to hide your PM's so they wouldn't be taken by some asshole thief breaking into your house. Yet there you are accusing me of thoughts of theft and violence. Do your family a favor, stop posting and embarrassing them.

And please, don't tell me to put down my beer and get a job, I'm already paying for bums like you through social assistance programs to buy beer and watch reality shows rather than being a productive human.

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