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>Deep State Descending  - James Howard Kunstler - 
"Inside these miserable structures, American citizens with no prospects and no hope huddle around electric space heaters. They have no idea how they’re going to pay the bill for that come April. They already spent the money on tattoos and heroin."

If I didn't have friends and family in the states I might easily believe that the US is already a third world country. JHK needs a good slap up alongside the head, then maybe a tour of the far greater majority of US neighborhoods that don't fit what seems to be his favorite view of communities. He may actually come to a realization that there is more reason for hope than despair.

I know Kunstler wants us all back in the 1890's fixin wagon wheels and diggin wells by hand but this constant drivel that seems to be aimed at making the rest of the world believe things are as bad as he see's them is getting old.

The only line in this crap that makes any sense is "The most amazing part of the current story is that US political leaders are so ignorant of the facts."but even here he's using it in an effort to drive home his version of reality rather than point out the hundreds of different ways US leaders truly are clueless on virtually every matter facing humanity today.

Kunstler, if you happen by here please answer me this. If your so convinced about the future and its lack of petroleum why the hell are you living someplace where you have an internet connection rather than someplace that's 100 miles from the nearest neighbor where you never have to worry about ignorant people like me who will come for your food when things go poof?

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Beginning of the headline :And so it’s back to the Kardashians for the US of ADD. As of Sunday The New York Times kicked Ukraine off its front page, a sure sign that the establishment (let’s revive that useful word) is sensitive to the growing ridicule over its claims of national interest in that floundering, bedraggled crypto-nation... Read More
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