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>Deep State Descending  - James Howard Kunstler - 
Yeah ... right ... there's oil all over US waiting to be pumped out ... and yet US still needs oil from Saudi or Cyprus or whereever ... Mideast or Saudi or Libyan oil will take much more than US can afford, and pretty soon. It was the mighty US army that secured the oil deals and the petro-dollar, and yet that mighty force had to give up in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, soon Turkey, and of course in Ukraine ... wake up ...

3192 days ago
Beginning of the headline :And so it’s back to the Kardashians for the US of ADD. As of Sunday The New York Times kicked Ukraine off its front page, a sure sign that the establishment (let’s revive that useful word) is sensitive to the growing ridicule over its claims of national interest in that floundering, bedraggled crypto-nation... Read More
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