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>Deep State Blues  - James Howard Kunstler - 
"Has anyone in the pay of America’s Deep State asked themselves whether it really matters to us who runs Ukraine?"

There's a Polish brain somewhere deep in the ranks of US State Deepartment (ZB and disciples). And every Polish brain knows that Russia without Ukraine is not an Empire, while Russia with Ukraine is an empire. It is so obvious, because Poland and Russia are almost identical, and Poland without Ukraine is not an empire, while Poland with Ukraine is... Oh good old days... And all those orthodox schismatics to play Teutonic games of superiority and wage crusades on, just like Germans did on us...To be a just like a German, and yet...
It is all so obvious - all one needs is a Polish brain.

3243 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Those of you too caught up in Lady Gaga’s latest cutting edge art project — she arranged for another woman to vomit on her while seated at the keyboard to show, well, I guess to demonstrate that not even vomit cannot stop the power of pop music — may have missed the latest moves in our nation’s foreign policy quest to remain Hall Monitor of the World. It appears that the Crimean peninsula has voted rather persuasively to become part of adjoining Russia, a nation that they were functionally a pro... Read More
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