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Some fact checks on the article.

20 cubic metres of gold weighs 386.4 tonnes. A box 20 x 20 x 20 metres is 8000 cubic metres, which would be 154560 tonnes of gold. A pure gold cube weighing 172000 tonnes is just under 20.74 metres on each axis.

Common open pit mine ore grades are running under 1.5 g/t, in Australia at least. This means that 20 tonnes of ore (rock) need to be mined for 1oz of gold. Given the common strip ratio of 7:1, it is not unusual for 140 tonnes of rock to be mined in order to recover 1oz of gold.

With gold and the ocean, it depends if you are referring to in the ocean or under the ocean. The average gold concentration of sea water is thought to be around 4ppb (four parts per billion). This equates to four grams per cubic kilometer of sea water. Given that the ocean's volume is approximately 1.3 billion cubic kilometers, that give 5.2 billion grams of gold. That is 5200 tonnes.

As to how much gold is under the ocean, that is another question that is more difficult to answer accurately.

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Beginning of the headline :As gold coin makers, we get to work with one of the most amazing materials in the Universe. Here are 12 astonishing features we’ve found cited about precious gold: · Gold is made in supernovas – massive cosmic explosions that hurl out materials which gather together to form planets. · Most of Earth’s gold is buried too deep to be recoverable... Read More
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