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>Economic Atonement  - Peter Schiff - Euro Pacific Capital
No one here who has invested in metal over the last 4 years wants more bad news, but Peter
is right about the total deception the world's banks have foisted on us.

Silver may be headed for $15, a whopping 25% drop from when it floated around $20.

Using DCA, and still accumulating, I'll see you all in metal hell.

If the dollar begins to tank as the US Fed starts redeeming in its stash of treasuries,
many will also sell their US dollar holdings. I am still buying metal, DCA, and I am long
on investing so this channel down on metals is a calculated buy right to the bottom.

If you dump now, you'll lock in your losses, so if you can, hang on to the gang rail,
this is a hurricane.

Do what you have to do to stay liquid and/or sane. If silver hits that $15 mark
that will probably be my biggest DCA buy by ounce of all time.

All the best fellow investors, and best of luck.

2788 days ago
Beginning of the headline :This Friday is Yom Kippur, the day when Jews around the world ask forgiveness for their transgressions from the year past. Rabbis remind the penitent to dwell on their sins of omission, in which they did nothing when a more thoughtful and proactive action was needed, and sins of commission, in which they actively participated in an unjust action. And while not all economists are Jewish, Gene Epstein the economics editor at Barron's, offered his thoughts on how this applies to the group. While Ge... Read More
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