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>The One Percent's Plot to Overthrow Democracy In America In 1933  - Jesse - Le Cafe Américain

The takeover of America occurred in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act and since then the dollar's "backed by gold " standard has been whittled down gradually til it became totally unbacked in 1971. The theft of America's gold in the 30s by the foreign Fed crooks was exposed by House Banking chairman Louis McFadden when he called for the arrest of the Fed in the congressional record in 1934. Congress was scared shitless as they knew that the Fed crooks not only bribe but they also assassinate their enemies and their families in the organized crime tradition.

Louis McFadden was assassinated on their 3rd attempt two years later in 1936. America's gold went to fund Hitler and WW2 and created the 30s Depression here in America. To this day European organized crime who controls the media and education in America has still been able to suppress this massive gold theft. Even today you have morons like Bernanke claiming that we had no money during the Depression because we just didn't print enough money. See McFadden's Congressional Record appeal to his fellow House members to join him in arresting these Fed crooks for theft and treason. He lists the amounts and dates of the gold shipments to Europe.

Louis McFadden

2823 days ago
Beginning of the headline :The beginnings of the Great Depression, and the conflicts that tested the Republic to its foundations, and the commitment to freedom around the world. The American Liberty League... Read More
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