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>Think small — very small — incredibly small  - George F. Smith - Barbarous Relic
In answer to your question: " What does a world with scant scarcity look like?" If the PRESENT wealth and resources were evenly spread over the world NOW we would already have Scant Scarcity. In fact, there is so much wealth, and such an abundance of food, that all the inhabitants of this planet SHOULD ALREADY be living like kings.

The vast majority of all the wealth and abundance is concentrated in a few hands, and so we have THIS world order. After the new technology comes into use, we'll still have THIS world order. You can bet the farm on that.

2000 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Do you have forebodings about the future?  I do, which is why I’ve been looking closer at the transformations technology promises to bring us. First, a brief review.  I’ve previously written about the rapid pace of technological development (here and here) and Ray Kurzweil’s point that though technology is growing exponentially, we experience it linearly, and we tend to base our expectations on our linear experience.  (See his essay “The Law of Accelerating Returns” for details.) H... Read More
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