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>Keeping the Bubble-Boom Going - Thorsten Polleit - 
"The sooner the artificial boom comes to an end, the sooner the recession-depression sets in, which is the inevitable process of adjusting the economy and allowing an economically sound recovery to begin."

Those of us who have seen this coming, have been warning about it for so long, and have been preparing best we can, have grown accustomed to hearing ourselves say things like this: "the inevitable process of adjusting the economy." But I think by now, any time we do, we should also be reminding the reader of just what that might look like, esp. what anyone trying to prepare for this inevitability should be expecting, even though we certainly can't know all that might occur. The familiar, "be careful what you wish for" might easily be extended to "be careful what you state so nonchalantly."

"To be on the safe side: It would be the right thing to do."

There will likely be NOTHING "safe" about what's coming, probably inevitably, even if it's somehow the "right thing to do," that meaning, I'm presuming, that it will be "good" for all of us in the end. On the other hand, my guess is that "in the end," many of us here reading this could be dead before seeing the "good" we're hoping to come from the inevitable crash, burn, and reset of this evil system. And that's assuming that what takes its place wouldn't be worse! So again, perhaps we shouldn't be so sanguine when describing what we see coming. A systemic Crash and Burn is only "safe" or "interesting" when one is not in the middle of it.

So, what are your suggestions for surviving and thriving this inevitability? What have you done and are you doing...and what do you suggest? Don't worry about redundancies...seeing many say the same thing points to ideas that are probably sound. But there are always new ones that noone else has thought of up to now. And I hope all others that write on these topics will take the effort to really lay their plans practical terms for all, not in theoretical ones. After all, those who read these kinds of articles tend to be the like-minded, those you might like to have survived and be around after the SHTF....

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Beginning of the headline :The US Federal Reserve is playing with the idea of raising interest rates, possibly as early as September this year. After a six-year period of virtually zero interest rates, a ramping up of borrowing costs will certainly have tremendous consequences. It will be like taking away the punch bowl on which all the party fun rests.Low Central Bank Rates have been Fueling Asset Price InflationThe current situation has, of course, a history to it. Around the middle of the 1990s, the Fed’s easy monetary... Read More
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