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>Can’t Anyone Fix This  - James Howard Kunstler - 
Every presidential election my friends and I talk about how there's nobody worth voting for, and each time it just gets worse. Trump's a blowhard, but still leagues better than all other GOP candidates, who don't even dare say "I can't be bought." Hillary promises the same as the non-Trump GOP candidates (and lots of people have purchase receipts for her) and Sanders is promising the "we'll give you lots of free stuff" line that has always led to disaster, at least in any country with a population in the tens of millions.

So, again we're stuck with no options. Mass secession, as ridiculous as it sounds, still makes more sense than being forced to vote for any of these guys.

2291 days ago
Beginning of the headline :T he legacy mainstream media has a collective brain like dog’s — it exists in an eternal present, so that whatever’s happening right now is all there is. Thus, Hillary’s performance in the first Democratic debate, being as bad but not worse than her competitors’, means she has a lock on the nomination for president. The better part of a year lies between now and the convention, and time would be on the side of whatever force or figure rises to oppose the woman whose “turn” in power rides a myth... Read More
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