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>On the use of gold coins as money  - Hugo Salinas Price -

That's what I like about your emphasis on the re-introduction of silver coins into the Mexican economy. Keep it simple. By keeping the quoted value above the price of silver then people don't melt down their coins to redeem the silver.

Money does not have to be complicated and silver provides for plenty of liquidity while maintaining value with insured scarcity. Some day societies will stop with all these money manipulation schemes and focus on producing products and wealth. In such a world the socialists in California and the financiers in New York may have to get real productive jobs or become obsolete.

There's no substitute for physical products we all need and use and lacking that emphasis has led to many of our current problems.

2645 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Why don’t humans use gold coins as Money ? The answer is quite simple : because they don’t want to, under present circumstances. The attachment of humans to gold is remarkable; I suspect there is something metaphysical about gold that attracts human beings. Perhaps gold is part of the natural order of things, part of the Rerum Natura, and the relationship of humans to gold is “built-in”into human nature, like sexual attraction... Read More
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