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>The Coming Perfect Storm In Silver - Steve St Angelo - SRSRocco Report
"Analysts" have been talking about the "perfect storm" coming in silver for more than a decade now...and always as though it were right around the corner...longest corner I've ever seen! And I am speaking as an investor in silver since the late 1990s. Yet not ONE of them (including above) has been able to explain where all the silver has come from over the past decade and more to supply all the physical demands of the various physical markets that require silver: military, industrial, biomedical, investment, etc. WHERE IS IT AND HAS IT BEEN COMING FROM?? And I am not talking about paper or electronic silver, but really actual physical silver. And I'm also not talking about the ETFs, which would also then require an explanation of where the ETFs "found" all that silver. If one cannot answer that question fairly precisely, then one also has absolutely NO idea of when (and really probably even IF) the "perfect storm" is going to's just something "out there" to predict. Well, guess what...I predict that death is also out there for all of us (if the end doesn't come while we're living, of course, but then we'd be talking about the end of the semantics). From where??? Inquiring minds want to know, and again, without knowing this--the source of all this silver, and how much more this source (or sources) has--then no prediction is worth anything, IMO, as much as I'd LOVE to see the "perfect storm" come...and SOON...preferably before I die.

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Beginning of the headline :There’s a coming Perfect Storm in silver as surging demand will overwhelm falling supply.  The beginning stages of this storm are already forming, getting ready to converge when the conditions are right.  The timing of this storm will occur as the Fed and Central Banks lose control over the massive debt propping up the entire system. I sat down with Mike Gleason at Money Metals Exchange and discussed how 2016 could turn out to be a horrible year for the broader stock markets and a final bottomin... Read More
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